Protein Supplements for Women

Are protein supplements just for men? Do women need different types of protein? Why are some products marketed differently for women? Many women ask about protein supplements and if they’re okay for females, showing how much demand there really is for clarity on this issue…so, let’s get into it!

Marketing & The Media

If you’ve been in the fitness industry for a while, you’ll know that many women (usually who are new to working out) ask if lifting weights will make them ‘bulky’ or similar, it seems to be one of those questions that won’t go away! How many women that lift weights and look great will it take to get rid of this myth? Anyway, similarly we get asked all the time about protein supplements and if they’re okay for women to take. Which is fair enough, as if you think protein will make you bulky or similar (from media sensationalism most likely) it stands to reason that you’d want to exercise caution prior to buying a protein product.

The ‘truth’ is, we all need protein! Men and women alike, sure women generally may not need as much as they have less muscle mass on average than men, however when working out protein requirements do go up - so consuming a protein supplement can help.

Many products exist that are female focused, but why? Well, women generally have different tastes when it comes to branding than men, just like men prefer certain branding too. Also, some womens protein powders or supplements have added vitamin and mineral complexes that are tailored for women specifically, such as the PhD Woman range. A female multivitamin product like the ON Opti Women is another example of a female product made with women in mind.


…and that’s about it really! Protein is protein and both men and women need it.

Women, generally speaking won’t need as much as men, however protein supplements are simply products with protein in, nothing magical or dangerous. Plus the bonus is that you can get them in many tasty/convenient forms, such as bars and powders that you can have in your glove box, office drawer or kitchen cupboard.

So, enjoy your protein supplements!


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