Pulsin Brand Review

In this post we’re doing the review a little differently. Instead of reviewing one particular product, we’re looking at the brand as a whole (along with a few specific items) to give you an insight into the Pulsin brand.

Pulsin have been around a few years now and continue to bring out premium products that really serve their health conscious customer base. We can’t wait to try out a good assortment of their range that we proudly stock here at Discount Supplements.

A Little Bit About The Brand

As a brand, Pulsin focus on using high quality, natural, free from nasties products...using ingredients in such a way that come together to make great tasting products too (we were surprised at how good some of the products tasted from using purely natural ingredients).

Furthermore, Pulsin don’t add artificial ingredients (including GM ingredients), use organic ingredients as much as possible, have a decent range of plant based and dairy free items in their range and Pulsin even use 100% renewable energy to power their business...so you could say Pulsin is a pretty forward thinking, healthy living promoting brand!

Their Plant Based Options

Pulsin have a decent selection of Plant Based/Vegan products within their range and have done since the early days. With Plant Based lifestyles increasing in popularity, brands like Pulsin are becoming ever more popular and established in the health & fitness community.

So, if you’re looking to incorporate some plant based options into your nutritional program Pulsin have a decent variety of options which we’re going to look into a little now.

Plant Based Protein Powders

Wanting to try out plant based living or give Veganuary a go but want to ensure you have enough protein to meet your targets?

Well, a plant based powder like the below are certainly well worth a look at. Each particular powder offers a different amino acid profile and are all high in protein (especially considering the powder is made from plants). If you’re used to whey protein powders, it’s worth noting that plant protein powders are a lot different, in that the texture and taste are a lot more savoury and plant-like than whey based proteins products.

To choose from were have...

Brown Rice Protein

Hemp Protein

Pea Protein Isolate

Soya Protein Isolate

Sunflower Protein Powder

Then there’s the bars!

It’s fair to say that we’ve sampled a fair few bars in our time and we’ve got to admit these are certainly up there - all of them passed the taste test with flying colours and none stood out as ‘dodgy’ or ‘ones to avoid’ either - resulting in a solid range.

Each bar is packed with nutrients in addition to flavour and due to the bars not containing added sugar and generally being high in fibre and natural ingredients they are pretty filling too.

We’d say that these make a perfect snack for on the go or in between meals during the day.

Plant based flavours that we have available include the following:

Pulsin Maple & Peanut Protein Bars

Almond & Raisin Raw Choc Brownie

Raspberry & Goji Raw Choc Brownie (personal favourite)

Peanut Choc Chip Raw Choc Brownie

Other Products (Other Than Plant Based)

Outside of the plant based bars and powders we also stock their premium whey protein powders and Pulsin’s Maple & Whey bar too!

Taste wise the Pulsin Maple & Whey bar tastes great, whilst the protein powder is unflavoured meaning that you can add it to smoothies/shakes with the flavouring not overpowering the smoothie (chocolate flavoured powders tend not to go with fruit smoothies for example). Meaning when you add some of their unflavoured whey to your smoothies the fruit and/or vegetables will be doing the talking when it comes to taste and chances are the whey protein is going to be the main protein source.

If you’re wanting to use the Whey Protein on it’s own as a shake, you can easily add cocoa or a similar powder for flavour.

Maple & Whey Crisp Bar

Whey Protein Isolate

Whey Protein Concentrate

...and there you have it! A little roundup of Pulsin and some of their products that we loved!


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