Push Your Boundaries : Living Life Like You’re On The Front Line


How many people reading this post can honestly say that they live everyday as if it’s their last, and I don’t mean going to do a bungee jump or a skydive, the adrenaline activities many choose to do? I mean how many people go to bed at night knowing that tomorrow they will wake up with an intention, a purpose and a plan? If you can answer yes to this, then ask yourself this…do your plans involve doing something that takes you out of your comfort zone, that stretches you a little and that places you on the front line!?

Speculate to accumulate

The old adage has it that in order to make a gain, sometimes you have to speculate to accumulate. Some of the most successful people in the world have fallen before they flew, often becoming bankrupt. This is nothing new…consider the revolutionary that was Henry Ford who’s eventual net worth was thought to be $188,000,000,000, he was initially declared bankrupt in 1903. Take Donald Trump, the real estate developer that is thought to be worth $3,000,000,000 now, went bankrupt in 1990. Even Walt Disney, the founder of fairytales himself was declared bankrupt in 1921! So the message here is that these icons took the hits, rode the punches and continued to put themselves on the front line in order to get to where they wanted to be.

Start each day as if it were on purpose (Will Smith)

Goals are subjective, financial reward isn’t every bodies target in life and pushing your boundaries doesn’t have to relate to your profession or a mode of income per se. Many people wake up in the morning purposefully, they get up and start the day as if it were on purpose, not like it's a monotonous routine (even if you are doing the same thing each day). Whatever you do on a day to day basis, do it with purpose, and if you feel you’ve reached a sticking point in life then make a change (even if it’s a small change), step outside of the box and approach things differently this time round!

Challenge yourself…take a risk or two

I’m guilty of not taking enough risks, I admit that even as I write this I sit in an office that I enjoy coming into each day, and yes, I feel pretty darn comfortable and content in. Now there are pros and cons to this situation, and right now this is what I want to do in life (for many reasons), so I’m happy. However humans as a species tend to stick with what they know choosing to stay within their realms of familiarity, but the consequence of this is that they rarely put themselves out there and try something new, they scarcely stretch their limitations. Nobody relishes the prospect of failure…but quite often failure and great reward are very close to one another, it’s just the courage of your convictions that’ll dictate what you come out with at the end.

Go to bed with a plan, and wake up with action. This is something we all need in life, this is what’s commonly known as…a plan of action.

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Job Role Qualified Dietitian and Sports Nutritionist Qualifications BSc (Hons) Sports Science | BSc (Hons) Dietetics Tom has always participated in sport both recreationally and competitively which led to an unquenchable thirst for information on anything health, nutrition and fitness. After leaving school Tom went on to play for a football academy during which time he studied Sport and Exercise Science. From here he went on to study a BSc (Hons) Sport Science at UEA followed by his second BSc (Hons) degree, this time at the University of Hertfordshire studying Dietetics. Tom has worked in the fitness, educational and clinical nutrition industry starting out at David Lloyd Health and Leisure Clubs. He then went on to work as a Dietitian (RD) in the NHS, during which time he conducted clinics for healthy eating, weight loss and weight gain, as well as specialised consultations on Diabetes, IBS and Coeliac disease to name a few. He has vast amounts of experience at devising diet plans and supplement regimens, as well as working in the community with schools and competitive athletes. As Head Nutritionist and Supplement expert at Discount Supplements Tom is here to provide current and evidence based health and nutrition information to help you reach your health and fitness goals!
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