How To Quickly Cool Down In This Hot Weather...

''It's too hot'' ''I'm boiling'', how many times have we heard this over the last week or so with the lovely weather we have in the UK at the moment. Personally it's great to be having a summer so hopefully it will continue to stay like this. Sometimes it can get quite unbearable I have to admit, especially if you are naturally a warm person. So here are some really effective and quick ways to cool down if you are experiencing a hot flush at a bad time.

1) Running your wrists and hands under cold water for a few minutes should cool your body right down as the arteries are closer to the surface. This dissipates heat effectively.

2) Placing a cool rag on the back of your neck as this is a pulse point, this means the blood is closer to the surface meaning you can cool the blood quicker.

3) Place a cool rag on your forehead which naturally cools you from the feeling of it being cold.

4) Giving your feet some air in they are in socks or shoes can cool the body. Placing them in cold water also helps reduce your bodies temperature.

5) If all else fails, Fully submerge yourself in cold water :)

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