Why Quitting Is NEVER An Option : Reprogram Your Mind set 


We are all faced with challenges in life, and whether you see it at the time or not, the hurdles that ensue as a result of these ‘barriers’ are actually synonymous with success.  You’ve got to programme your head to see challenges and success as one and the same thing, if you fail to do that, then expect to fail. Humans are programmed to quit when things get tough, it’s deemed the easier route and a waste of time persevering, if you dithered as a Neolithic caveman the chances are you’d miss a meal, or worse still be killed!

We all come face to face with closed doors, these doors are choices, door 1 might require us to endure hardship to get to the other side, whilst door 2 could give you an easy way out… problem is that most of the time, nothing of any worth is waiting behind door number 2.

So if you’re faced with tough decisions in life, and you know in your heart of hearts that the tough decision is probably the right one, then DO NOT SHY AWAY FROM IT! The more you shy away from these decisions the more likely you are to miss great opportunities… So embrace the challenges, smash the doors down and reap the rewards that are to be had on the other side!

Tell yourself a better story

This concept is known as Ontology, which is the phenomenon that see’s humans telling themselves a story. The story you tell yourself can profoundly affect the way you respond to a situation. For example, imagine you are faced with an injury when training. You can either tell yourself that everything is going to be terrible from here on because you can’t train, granted this is a bit rubbish. However you can use it as an excuse to start up a business, or begin reading up on something you’re interested in, spend some much needed time with loved ones or start doing a qualification of some sort.

Ultimately two people could be faced with the same event, but tell themselves two completely different stories, and therefore have two completely different outcomes.





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