Always Read The Labels On Your Supplements...

Receiving your supplements whether you order them online (through us) or you purchase them in a shop is very similar to the feeling you get on Christmas Day when opening your presents, come on you know it's true! How many of you though read your products before using them? Maybe you used to but figured protein is protein and every product is the same so why bother? The importance of reading your supplement labels is of the same importance when you buy your food from the supermarket, here is why...

Why Check The Labels?

The main reason you want to check your supplement label is so that you know exactly what you are putting into your body and of what quantities. All supplements differ in certain ways from the amount of protein you get, caffeine and other active ingredients which they put in them. You want to know what you are using so that you don't consume too much of it, waste your product and money. Let's have a look at they key ingredients out there and what you should be looking for...


When it comes to protein a good fact to know is that your body can metabolise between 15-25g depending on body type so as long as you have roughly this amount post workout you are good. How many of you consume more than this? Do you double up on scoops? Do you know how much protein you should be having per day? Another good fact to know is that for every 1lb you weigh you should have 1 g of protein. Does your protein shake contain other ingredients like creatine? Do you already supplement with a creatine and are you taking too much?


Creatine is put in a lot of protein powders so that you don't need to use it separately but are you using too much? You should have roughly 5 g -7 g per day again depending on body type and you don't want to go over this. So if you have a creatine powder which you supplement with and your protein powder contains a few grams over the course of the day this will all add up. If your protein already has creatine in it and you have 2-3 shakes per day, just stick with this.

Fat Burners

What is the biggest ingredient fat burners have in them? Yup, you guessed it, caffeine! Caffeine is used for it's ergogenic effects as it helps raise your metabolism which in turn should help eliminate more fat off your body. The key thing to look out for here is making sure you aren't taking in too much in one go. Always make sure you read the serving amounts on this one because if you are sensitive to caffeine you will feel it. Sounds obvious? Well, the amount of people that say they feel jittery when they use them and then getting to the crux of why this is, is usually due to the fact they have taken more than they should. Check the label!

Pre Workout

Again, same as above, make sure you are using the correct serving amount for your tolerance level. Caffeine is used in these supplements too so if you are using a fat burner and a pre workout before a session you might want to check you aren't having over 300mg as this could cause you to feel nauseous.

Always read the labels on your products that you buy and make sure you know exactly when you should be having them and in what doses. If you are ever in doubt, give myself or Tom a call and we will guide you through what is best for you and your goals :)

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