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Bulking, when we want to add MASS we BULK! Essentially, ‘bulking’ is going through a period of time when we eat more calories than usual and put ourselves in a calorie surplus to allow us to more easily add muscle mass.

When we have more calories, we generally have more energy when working out and are better able to handle a greater workload during training.

‘Bulks’ can be short term or long term, either way they are great for adding size as you can be confident that you’re getting enough calories…then you just need to train HARD and let the results come in!

- When adding muscle, it takes time so make sure you bulk for long enough to get some decent results…

Nutrition When Bulking

When bulking, we want to be eating everything our body needs…plus a little bit more so that our body has the nutrients it needs to GROW.

Building muscle is a calorie intensive process, so…by giving our body more than it needs we can be confident muscle building can get well under way.

What to Watch Out For

Although adding more calories can help us, this doesn’t mean eating everything for months on end and getting fat is good either. Having a moderate calorie surplus is what we’re looking for rather than an extreme increase in calories.

If you’re adding fat a little too fast, then scaling it back slightly is advisable. Sure adding a little bit of body fat is normal, just make sure to keep an eye on it.

Training When Bulking

Training hard year round is what we should be doing for maximum muscle mass. Although we all go through times of high and low motivation, when we’re eating more than usual when on a bulk…increasing volume and sets can help really take our body to the next level.

When losing body fat, we can add strength however adding muscle is very difficult due to the calories the body needs to create new muscle tissue.

Timing it right and increasing volume when on more calories is a great trick to add more muscle mass during ‘times of plenty’.

So, our training should be hard and intense (as usual)…

But now maybe a good time to add in some more volume from extra sets, reps and a few additional exercises to trigger muscle growth and those almighty gains!

Bulking Snack Ideas

Okay, so what snacks can help us get a few more calories in?

Some great tasting, easy to make & high calorie snacks include:

Weight Gainers

If you’re wanting an easy, convenient and measured amount of calories then a weight gainer is a top option.

If you don’t want it all at once (weight gainer servings can be quite big), try halving the serving and consuming it at two points (or more) during the day instead of all at once.

There we have it….so if you’re looking to bulk, eat more calories, add in some more volume and give yourself enough time to see results!

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