Real Men Growing Real Moustaches Talking About Real Issues - Movember Season is OPEN!

Welcome to Movember season. 1st November will see more and more men this year sporting a moustache compared to other years, why? Well, Movember is associated with men uniting with one another to raise awareness of different cancers that men deal with on a yearly basis. Until recently, there were no campaigns to raise awareness or educate men on the early signs of common cancers and what we can do to help improve our health. So this is men sticking together for a whole month, swallowing their pride and pledging to help one another by growing a moustache as support to who they come in contact with.

The Facts

Figures do the talking and did you know that literally thousands take part in this cause. There are 854,288 global participants and over 3 million donations are made to individual Mo's. Yup you read it right, during the month of November your fellow colleagues, friends, family are referred to as Mo Bro's. This is what Movember is about, coming together as a big family of Mo's. Maybe just as a little tip, don't go calling your boss a Mo, this might not go down to well ;).

Did you also know that just one Mo Bro alone in the month of November has 11 Facebook updates, sends 16 emails, makes 7 phone calls, tweets 10 times and has 36 face to face conversations with another male about health problems. It is also estimated that 1 Mo will have 2,413 conversations about health problems and when this is multiplied by the 854,288 participants it equates to 1.9 billion conversations about mens health, pretty staggering!!

So What Do You Do?

Here comes the fun part. Start with a clean shaven face today and don't shave your moustache until December, it is that easy. By keeping your moustache alive it will signal to many other people around you that you are taking part in Movember. Spread the word by speaking to this with your friends, colleagues and family and have them join in too. Sport a moustache that suits your personality and look or go for something completely outrageous. The more heads that will turn when you are in the gym, supermarket or commuting on your train journey THE BETTER!!

Some More Facts!!

The impact that growing a tash has on men like myself and you reading this is massive. Did you know that last year 70% of participants talked about Men's health issues. There was a 20% increase in men seeing a speaking to a doctor. 67% of men recommended and talking someone into seeing their doctor even if it was just for a check up. To wrap it up, 43% became more aware and educated about the health risks they face.

What To Grow? 

The beauty of this is that you will all grow different shapes and styles of Mo that will turn heads wherever you go. Make sure you look after your mo, the best way to do this is by getting enough sleep. Did you know that during the month of November your mo will grow between 9mm to 1cm in length. If you multiply that by the 900 hairs on average in you have in a moustache then you have approximately 9 meters of hair alone on your upper lip. Here are some possible Mo styles you might want to have during Movember.


What To Do Now? 

That is Movember in a nutshell. Each week look after your own Mo and help support as many people as you can during this month. Ladies, you can also take part too by spreading the word for this worthy cause, you will be known as a Mo Sista and even though you can't grow facial hair, just by helping spread the word is truely appreciated. Remember to wear your Mo in style, be proud of what you are doing and have a great month!!



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