The Real Reason You Shouldn’t Eat Right Before Exercise!

Eating is one of the most basic of human needs, this is obvious right, but for many, so too is exercise. Now as fundamentally integral as eating is to exercise, the time and type of food we eat can play a bog part on performance.

When we eat our body preferentially shunts blood from our muscles to our stomach to aid digestion of the food…the problem with this is 2 fold. Our body is torn between giving blood to the stomach, so it gives some, but it also wants to give a little to the muscles, so it does this too.

The consequence is that the muscles and the stomach go without which hinders both digestion and exercise capacity!
To avoid this, minimise the load you place on your poor stomach by eating a main meal no later than 2 hours before exercise.

Should you need some form of nutrition before this time, then a whey protein shake is ideal approx 30 mins to 1 hour before.

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