Recording Training Results...

Recording results is one of the best little ‘tricks’ you can incorporate into your training.

When getting gains is a top priority for you, recording results can provide a vehicle to guide you towards greater performance in the gym and muscular size (a by product of strength gains).

I was fairly sceptical at first, I mean how much difference can it really make just writing down what we do in the gym?

Well, it turns out when done properly and at the right time, (i.e. when we’re hungry for gains) it’s an awesome investment of just a small amount of your time.

Reasons Why…

The act of simply recording results isn’t what is necessarily important it’s what these little numbers allow us to do that makes this simple act so powerful.

When we record results, we know exactly where we’re at…so next time we get to the gym and it’s back day for example we know what we did the last time by looking at our notes.

Now we have a precise goal to aim for.


Let’s say we did lateral pull downs (which we then note down), 75kg on the stack and did 10 reps last time. To beat that we need to aim for 11 reps. Last time we did lateral pull downs, the 9th and 10th rep were a bit sloppy - form wise. We could’ve noted that down too! So now we know we want to do 10 reps, but ALL with good form.

Results come from continuous progression, so by knowing exactly what we did in the past we know what we need to do to improve.

Just ‘having a good workout’ isn’t very specific and we may have many good workouts, but they are never intense than the previous…so why would the body grow if what you’re doing it can handle?

During The Week

While we work and live our lives we can also check out our notes from our workout.

We can look at what we squatted last week for example and any other notes we made.

Then we think to ourselves, “You know what, I'm going to do 2 more reps this week!”. When we write down exactly what we did last time (let’s say we got 7 reps last week with a certain weight) we know that next time…we must get 9!

Having days to think about this builds up a lot of mental momentum and motivation, which makes a huge difference!

These are just a few of the benefits from recording results, give it a try for a month and see how it helps you.

Before you know it you’ll be getting a lot more focused when working out and those gains will come flying in!

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