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Your summer body is made in the winter so the time is now to make a real dent in changing/improving the way you look in time for beach season. Let's face it, endless amounts of stomach crunches and runs on the treadmill will not give you the body you need, however these five exercises which I'm about to recommend will give you the help you need to achieve the body you desire. As always, please make sure you know what you're doing when in the gym and seek advice if you need help with some of the exercises.

Upper Body Training

As much as we need to train our lower body, we also need to concentrate on the upper body too which isn't usually a problem for us guys, any excuse to get a chest or arms session into the mix ey? You have to admit that when you are strutting your stuff on the beach, you want to make sure you have a good set of shoulders, dense pecs and rippling abs to give you the complete look. Working your upper body should consist of varying your rep ranges, sets, rest times and the tempo which you lift the weights to see a change in the way you look.

Think Outside The Box

When you first started training you possibly read or listened to other guys in the gym telling you that there are certain rep ranges to stick to, so that you achieve a certain type of look. Low rep ranges equates to strength, medium is building and high reps is toning/endurance right? Well, although this is somewhat true it doesn't mean you can't think outside the box and mix things up a little. To some extent it's good to have a preconceived idea of how many reps you want before starting your set, however if you think you can get more out during the set, always push yourself to get more out. Therefore I am telling you first hand that if you were aiming for 10 reps and end up doing 13, it doesn't then mean you are working for endurance. Your muscles will still break accordingly as long as you are using the correct weight, but also take this as a sign to increase your weight on the next set.

Upper Body 5 Exercises

The must have 5 exercises you need to perform are effective in keeping your body looking muscular and toned, here goes...

Clap Press Up - Begin in the press up position, descend into the movement and when returning to the top, explode and take your hands off the floor to clap before returning them on the ground and breaking the fall going into your next rep. Aim for as many of these as you can and then when you tire, go straight into regular press ups.

Pull Ups - However you decide to do these whether it's wide, narrow or underhand grip, pull ups are great for working your upper body. This is another exercise where you don't need a gym but a bar to lift yourself up onto. Perform the different variations of this exercise to target the different parts of your back.

Round The Worlds - A great exercise for your shoulders which does require you to use some weight to fill the burn. Start with the weights by your side and perform a front raise and without dropping the weights go into a side raise. Lower the weights by your side and then repeat the movement in the opposite direction. So, from here you will go into a side raise and then lower from the front raise which will equal one repetition. Keep this one going until you can't get any more out, its a great burner ;)

Bicep Curls + Tricep Dips - Hit both your arm muscles together in a superset to up the anti within the session, by now you are well and truly warmed up and should be feeling right in the zone. Hit some standing bicep curls and some tricep dips off a bench to get both of these muscle groups fired up!

Leg Raises - Wouldn't be no upper body workout without some abdominal leg raises thrown into the mix to see you off at the end of your session. This is a perfect exercise to work the lower and upper abs, perform two variations of this exercise depending how strong you're feeling. Either go for straight leg raises or bend the legs so you raise with the knees, either way of performing this is fine and will hit your abs.

Like I have said above, try and get as many reps and sets as you can, perform this like a circuit and go through each exercise and rest at the end. ENJOY :)

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