The Reebok Crossfit Games - What Does It All Mean And Are You Competing?

Are you an avid Crossfit competitor? Do you love the sport? Do you thrive on putting yourself through hell in order to achieve a high level of fitness? If you have answered yes to these questions then maybe you should look into competing and being a part of the Reebok Crossfit Games which opens shortly. I want to give you a little insight into the games, how it's structured and what the competitors put themselves through to be classed as 'The Fittest Man or Woman On Earth!'

The Open

In 9 days time the Open to the event begins and this means that any competitor in the world can register, sign up and be part of this awesome competition. A workout a week is released up until March 31st and it means all those that sign up enter their times to see how they place against others across the globe. In total there will be 5 workouts to complete and once the scores have been totaled for each workout, competitors will know if they have made it to the next stage which is The Regionals.

The Regionals

If you have made it this far it is a great achievement as you are now facing some of the greatest athletes in the world. Over the course of three days, the competitors will complete different workouts which have been the same for the past 4 years. Athletes who compete at this level have a huge following and the support from their loved ones really do help them perform to an exceptional standard. The regionals is no easy walk and it sees athletes coming out of the woodwork and veteran's perform even better than we have already seen. However from the thousands that get through to this grueling 3 day event only 100 athletes make it to the final stage, The Games....

The Games

The beauty of this final stage is that the athletes which have done so well to get to this stage, have yet to push themselves to their max and walk into this part not knowing what will be coming next.  That's right, at this stage none of the athletes know what workouts and exercises they will be performing, they just have to be READY for whatever comes their way. One thing is for certain and that is they will have trained and dedicated themselves to all types of workouts which may appear in this stage but they won't know for sure. Individuals, teams and masters come together to compete in this epic tournament which happens in July of this year.

Good luck to all that compete and watch out for some great athletes give their absolute all during the whole competition.  Look out for athletes like Sam Briggs (who was crowned ' The Fittest Woman On Earth' last year) , Andrea Ager, Rich Froning and many more. We will be posting more about the Games as soon as it all kicks off with The Open in just 9 days time. In the mean time here is a clip of the games from last year showing the different workouts and competitors putting themselves through it. Enjoy :)

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