Product Review: Reflex Nutrition Build

Looking for a quality plant based (Vegan) high protein and high carbohydrate blend?

Looking for something that is going to help with BUILDing and maintaining muscle mass?

How about a product that uses top quality ingredients including French yellow split peas, oats, natural steviol glycosides for added sweetness, contains good bacteria & digestive enzymes….and more.

Yeah, there’s a lot going for the Reflex Nutrition Build and here we’re going to dig a little deeper during the Discount Supplements official review!

Taste & Texture

Have you ever had a pea protein based protein powder before or a product that uses pea protein?

If so, you no doubt experienced a pretty ‘gritty’ like texture that wasn’t pleasant but because of the excellent amino acid profile that peas offer it’s often been something that had to be put up with.

Well…..not anymore!

Reflex Build

Reflex Nutrition have developed a pretty remarkable method of making Pea Protein powder a LOT more palatable, smoother and pleasant in general meaning that the Reflex Nutrition Build really stands outs in this category similar to the Reflex Nutrition Pea Protein in the plant based protein category.

Overall the taste is good, for a plant based product it’s very good in fact as generally they are a lot harder to flavour than similar protein sources such as Whey Protein.

When it comes to the texture it’s pretty smooth and easy to drink too.

Overall, a huge step forward in high calorie plant based gainers - top marks!


With 54g of protein per serving and 54g of carbohydrates the Reflex Nutrition Build packs a serious nutritional punch!

With 6-7g of fat it’s pretty low in fat considering the 136g serving size and each serving delivers around 500 calories of muscle building, vegan friendly goodness.

Product Highlights

  • Premium ingredients
  • Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans
  • Dairy alternative
  • High in protein that contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass
  • High in fibre
  • Smooth
  • Includes environmentally friendly sourced ingredients
  • Easily digestible
  • Sweetened with natural steviol glycosides

Final Thoughts

Overall we think this product sets a new standard for plant based gainers.

It boasts excellent ingredients, is easily digestible, revolutionary smoothness for a Pea protein product and something that is catching the attention of many in the short time that it’s been around.

For more information on the Reflex Nutrition Build and to get yours hands on a tub, check it out here today on Discount Supplements!

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