Reflex Nutrition Pea Protein - Product Review

Do you follow a plant based or vegan diet or looking to try it out? Are you looking for an alternative to whey protein?

Or maybe just looking to try something different? If so, this Pea Protein from Reflex Nutrition may be well worth checking out...

In this product review we are having a closer look at the Reflex Pea Protein which is a premium quality plant based protein powder that focuses on using the best ingredients and providing some pretty impressive nutritionals.

Following an increase in the number of people looking into, trying out or converting to plant based and vegan diets various companies are looking at ways to meet this increase in demand.

With Reflex Nutrition being well known for their innovative products, attention to detail and high standards, we have been very keen to test out the brand new Reflex Nutrition Pea Protein.

Initial Impressions

Reflex Pea Protein

After checking out the packaging, reading the label and trying it out we’ve got to say that our overall impression is that this is pretty good.

We’ve tried out Pea Proteins over the years and although they’ve improved significantly in terms of the taste and texture, many of them are still fairly granular and ‘gritty’. This however, seems to be a noticeable step up, thanks to new technologies that Reflex are taking advantage of.

Not only that, but pretty much every aspect of this product is impressive...the sweetener used is Stevia, the peas are non-GMO French Yellow Split Peas, there are added digestive enzymes, the protein percentage is super high coming in at 71-75% (depending on flavour) and it just goes on and on…

There’s even a range of quality flavours available too and not just one that many brands may offer when it comes to pea proteins in particular.

Other Highlights

  • Highly Bioavailability (BV)
  • Environmentally friendly source of protein
  • Added friendly bacteria
  • Manufactured in Reflex’s 100% renewable energy facility
  • Protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Taste & Texture

When it comes to taste this is the best plant based protein we’ve tried to date and whether you go for the Cocoa flavour, Vanilla Ice Cream or Strawberry they are all done well.

When doing our review we tried the various Reflex Nutrition Pea Protein flavours with water and then again with Almond Milk, thumbs up all round here. For the chocolate flavour we also tried it with chocolate Oatly (a chocolate oat based drink) and that was a real winner, very chocolatey and pretty pleasant to drink indeed for a plant based protein.

The really, really good, in fact it’s one of the best things about the product.

When compared to other pea protein powders we’ve tried, this is so silky smooth - it’s hard to believe!

No granular or gritty experience at all, which means that one of the biggest objections to consuming a Pea protein has now just disappeared.

Final Thoughts

So yeah, overall we’re pretty impressed with this.

If you’ve tried a Pea Protein or plant based protein this is going to be a real upgrade (based upon what we’ve tried) and for those of us who are looking for environmentally friendly products this certainly ticks that box too, thanks to Reflex’s 100% renewable manufacturing facility.

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