Regular Tea Consumption May Slow The Decline Of Brain Function. Regular Tea Consumption May … Wait, I Already Said That …Cuppa Anyone?

OK, so the title was a bit of light hearted fun, but it serves as a stark reminder of how memory loss can become a frustrating and even debilitating problem for many people, particularly the ageing generation. An Alzheimer’s Association International Conference held back in 2010 presented results from a Cardiovascular Health Study, the researchers found that tea drinkers showed slower cognitive decline compared with non- tea drinkers. The lead researcher Dr Arab explained that:

"Regular tea drinkers are essentially experiencing a different rate of cognitive decline than non-tea-drinkers"

This is significant indeed, however the mechanism by which this happens is still unclear, but the findings are certainly positive! Interestingly coffee doesn’t seem to exert the same level of effect, but it is thought that people drinking around 5 cups of coffee a day might slow the rate of brain function decline, but they would need significantly more coffee to achieve this in relation to tea. What is clear in terms of the mechanism of effect is that caffeine isn’t the decisive factor, otherwise coffee would have caused a greater effect than tea due to its higher caffeine content.

Only time, and much more research will serve to answer what it is specifically that caused this effect, something to look forward to maybe for all you tea drinkers out there!


Cassels, C. (2010). Regular Tea Consumption May Slow Cognitive Decline. Alzheimer's Association International Conference on Alzheimer's Disease (ICAD) 2010. Retrieved 30th January, 2014, from



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