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Eating the right foods and the right amounts of the good stuff is really important when wanting to see good results, right? We all know that to see great results you need to eat a healthy balanced diet alongside regular and consistent exercise. Exercise is a fun way to let off some steam and feel great about yourself so there really is no excuse for performing dull workouts. There are hundreds of different ways to mix up your workout so that you constantly see results you're looking for. In today's post it's all about varying your grip and why you should include this when training certain muscle groups for more results.

Switching Hand Grip

It sounds pretty obvious when writing about this that it's a good idea to switch up your grip when performing certain exercises, but when was the last time you did this? Not every exercise has to be performed with an overhand grip and when you start to play around with this you will experience different muscles being worked than normal. Not only is it likely you will feel this but also you might find the same muscle being worked in a better way due to it's insertion points in the body. You won't know though unless you try it out and see ultimately what works best for you....

Muscle Groups

You can switch up your grip on pretty much all of the muscle groups you train by simply just incorporating a different hand technique that will target the muscle in a different way. You can do this when you train shoulders and you decided to perform a twisted shoulder press instead of a military press. Other exercises can be manipulated through different hand grips for back and arm workouts that will increase your chances of seeing better results. In this post however I want to focus on changing your grips when working your chest muscles on a few different exercises that could help you see better results from your workouts. Doing these exercises will also give you extra ones to use and keep in your arsenal when you need to use them again.

Chest Workout

During your chest workout you will perform a variety of different pressing movements using dumbbells and or barbells. When you do these movements you will tend to stick to a certain way of lifting them and that is with an overhand grip but what happens if you change this? If you were to change your grip from overhand to underhand you'll notice a difference in where you feel the exercises working. You might also notice that you aren't as strong lifting this way because it's un-natural to what you normally do.

You can also use this grip when you are on a plate loaded chest press machine to get a better contraction within the middle part of your chest.

Like I said above, you can include this hand grip on other workout routines too as it doesn't just apply when you're working your chest.

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