Not Seeing Results? Is It Time To Change Your Protein?


A common question we get asked here at Discount Supplements is ''I'm not seeing results anymore, should I change my protein?'' and you might be asking the same one right now. There is a simple answer to this and it usually opens up other questions that I ask which I will explain throughout this post. Questions regarding your training, nutrition and the other supplements you might be using at this present time. Here is the long and short of why if you aren't seeing results it might not be your protein you need to change...


When you go into your local butchers or supermarket and need to stock up on your protein it's very likely that you will go for the same sources such as meat and diary products, right? We all know that protein comes from these sources and that we need to include them in our diet so that we give our muscles what we need. The point I am making is protein is protein, you don't question how much protein is in one chicken breast compared to another and you also don't tell yourself you need to change the chicken. The same can be said for your protein supplements when using a regular whey protein. If you're using top branded supplements like PhD, USN, ON etc then the difference in them is going to be minute. Basically, if you aren't seeing results it's likely it's not your protein you need to change, it's more likely to be something else...


In my opinion it's too easy just to keep changing your protein supplements and using them as an excuse as to why you aren't seeing the results you hope to see. When was the last time you checked your workouts to see if what you're doing is still as effective as what they once were when you started? I believe you should write down what you do so that you can assess your progress and take advantage of analysing what you need to improve on and where you need to up the anti (so to speak). Perhaps you need to change some of what you're doing in terms of the exercises you perform, the order in which you do them, the rep and set ranges, the weights you lift etc.


The connection with nutrition and training is important because both go hand in hand with one another and neither must be overlooked. It's likely that if your training hasn't had a re shuffle in a while then your nutrition might be outdated too. So this means that you need to do the same as what you have done above and analyse what you're eating so that you see results you want. Ensuring you eat the right amount of carbohydrates for your body is just as important as having enough protein and fat. It's easy to forget what you have and what you don't have in a day, therefore my best advice to you is write everything down. Use this method over the course of a few days so that you get the general gist of what you're eating and what you could possibly have more of.

Results Will Come

Whether you're new to training or if you've been leading this lifestyle for a while now, you'll notice that it's no easy journey and in order to see the results you hope for, you have to put in hard work and consistent action. Results will come if you take a look at the above and don't just do the obvious which is change your protein supplement.Remember, supplements are just a very small part of how you look and what goes on, pay more attention to your workouts and what you're putting into your body.

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