Get Rid Of Man Boobs By Hitting This Chest Workout Today...


Working the chest area for some of you out there reading this right now is a tough job and I understand that. Endless press ups, cable flies and other exercises similar to this can leave you feeling like there is no other way of sorting this out. DS always has your back though and there are always exercises you can perform which will target this area and coupled together with a few other useful tips, you'll be looking better in no time.


Ok, so before we get into the workout itself and what exercises are best to concentrate on, it's important to highlight that you won't see the best results you want to see unless you watch what you eat. I'm sure you will have read this a lot previously in my posts but I have to make sure you don't just solely focus on training because if you do this you won't reach your end goal. Your nutrition is vital especially when dealing with fat loss as you will need to monitor the amount of carbohydrates and sugars you are having with each meal and as snacks during these main meals. I strongly recommend following a good meal plan which is high in protein and fats and meets the amount of calories you need every day to support every day functioning of your body. I also recommend keeping your carbohydrates at a reasonable amount too but just making sure they are good, clean carbohydrates which the body will benefit from.

Chest Work

To work the chest you need to perform pressing and lateral movements that will work the density of it and the shape. Therefore you can't expect to get a great chest if all you do is cable flies and isolation based exercises, you have to get on the bench and work your chest muscles. Pressing movements such as barbell press and dumbbell press will work the chest better than you will have seen before and this is how you will notice the change in it. In this workout you will perform your pressing movements first as these require you to be on your A game with full strength, before going on to perform your isolation movements such as flies.

Your Workout...

Perform 10-15 reps and aim for 3-4 sets on each exercise

Bench Press

Incline Dumbbell Press

Flat Dumbbell Fly

Cable Flies

Press Up Finisher

Session over




Make sure in every set you push yourself to the max and increase your weights as much as you can, the greater the stress on the muscle, the more likely it is you will change how it looks. If you can, try to perform some drop sets and super sets in there with the other exercises so you keep tension on the chest muscles, this will also help increase change. Remember to have your protein shake after your training session to aid recovery and build stronger muscles ready for your next session. Hit it hard and kiss goodbye to those man boobs forever :)

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