Drinking Enough Water To Get Your Best Results


Drinking enough water a day is something that you have probably heard time and time again but it is true, you need to drink enough water to get your best results. Do you drink enough throughout the day or do you find it too boring to drink? Do you sometimes not even realise you have gone, 3-5 hours without drinking some? Here are some great reasons why you should drink water, how much you should drink and the benefits it will have on your training, especially those of you who are wanting to change body shape or improve certain areas of your body.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water helps prevent headaches, fatigue, migraines and other illnesses because it keeps your body hydrated. Your organs, especially your brain needs enough water to perform their daily functions and help you maximise your full potential. If you have a stressful job which requires you to make important decisions, you want to keep a clear head and execute the right decisions. How many of you feel like sometimes you feel tired or not 'with it' to make the right choices? Well, this could be down to the fact that you aren't drinking enough water for you to function properly.


Did you know that the body is mostly made up of water and in particular it is your muscles that need a good amount of water to help them stay strong and lean.In fact over 70% is made up of water in the muscles and to keep them looking toned, you must drink enough water for this to happen. If you don't, you may find your performance when you exercise isn't as good as it usually is.

How Much Should You Drink...

On average we should all be drinking between 1-3 litres of water a day so that our bodies are able to function properly and we can carry out the tasks we need to perform. Drinking water when you first get up, throughout the day and your workouts will increase your overall performance when it comes to your workout.

Do You Sweat? 

If you are like me and as soon as you begin to workout you sweat a lot it is even more important to drink water while you workout. However, water on it's own won't re hydrate you especially if you are a heavy sweater, you will be losing too many essential salts for your body. In these circumstances it is beneficial that you use an electrolyte tab with your drink to prevent the onset of fatigue and restore your essential salts.

So if you are feeling tired, have the odd headache creep in every now and then, and generally just don't feel as good as you think you should, you might want to check your water intake and ensure you are getting enough. Remember to hydrate properly during and after sessions especially if you sweat easily.

Drinking water will also help if you are trying to lose weight as it flushes out the toxins and transports the nutrients you have eaten to their destinations quicker. A final tip to help you drink enough water, invest in a large water bottle so you know exactly how much to drink and how much you have had :)


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