NEW Salted Fudge Brownie PhD Smart Bar

PhD have been on fire with their 'Smart' releases over the past year or so. Every time the hype around one product starts to ease off, they have another up their sleeve! This time, it's the Salted Fudge Brownie Smart Bar. This range receives rave reviews across social media, in fact, PhD state that it has been the fastest-growing protein bar in 2018! It's safe to say, we couldn't wait to get our hands on this latest flavour.

One of the strengths of these bars has always been the dreamy macros. Under 250 calories for a large bar, these can easily fit into your macros when that sweet tooth craving kicks in. And, with just 2.1g sugar per bar, the craving can be satisfied without a dreaded sugar crash later on.

20g protein and balanced macros make it excellent as a small meal to keep your muscles supplied with those much needed building blocks for recovery and growth.

Taste wise, I wasn't too sure what to expect from this one. 'Salted Fudge Brownie' is quite a busy name- all I knew was that it was going to be chocolatey! Personally, I thought that it was just a bit too similar to existing flavours- almost a mesh between the peanut butter and caramel bars. I'd have liked to see something a little more brave, like the White Choc Blondie (my favorite, along with Dark Chocolate and Raspberry). A more obvious saltiness, or perhaps some small chunks of fudge, would have set it apart and made it more memorable for me.

Perhaps a mocha, orange or mint bar next time?


All in all, very enjoyable and I could eat these regularly. Macros are excellent. I just hope that the next flavour is something more daring!



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About the Author

Savannah Westerby. BSc Sport and Exercise Nutrition. Instagram: @savannahwesterby

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