The Sandra Bullock Celebrity Training Special

Sandra Bullock is 49 years old and she showed her fantastic body off on the red carpet at the premiere of her new movie, Gravity this month. Being an A List Celebrity she is constantly in the spot light and I feel she is doing a great job in keeping fit and looking great. For most women it is a tough task to stay looking fit and healthy but not for Sandra who exercises 6 days a week. I personally feel the battle that women have (and for all you ladies reading this now I am sure you will agree) is that you think by exercising this amount of times per week will build big muscles like a body builder. This is not the case as we clearly see with some one like Sandra Bullock and she isn't the only one that will exercise this much.

Once this concept has been grasped and you too can develop a body like Sandra's. The main reason why you ladies won't build exceptionally large muscles like a body builder is because your hormones are different to us males. Your main hormone is Oestrogen whereas ours is testosterone and you need the latter to build big, defined muscles. With this said however, it won't stop you from having a nice shapely and toned body like what we see from Sandra.

Age is not an excuse to give in not being able to achieve a body like Sandra's, as she is 49 years old and looks great. So what is her secret? Well she does a lot of cardio and strength work that results in performing pilates, kickboxing and weight training. She also likes to run and cycle when she is in different parts of the US. So she does a whole range of different activities to keep her in shape and poissbly deter her from getting bored with exercise.

So ladies, what exercises can you do that will help you get a similar body to Sandra? Well I suggest you start off with a body weight circuit, especially if you are new to exercise as this will help you keep good form and stay injury free. Here are my Top 5 female fat fighting, feel good exercises to keep you looking great.

Exercise 1 - Press ups

Ok, I know most of you do not like these, but these little beauties are going to help shape your chest, shoulder and arm muscles in just one exercise. Sound good? Well, if you are new to this exercise I suggest performing the exercise with your knees on the floor. Adopt a slightly wider shoulder width stance with your hands on the floor and bend your elbows so that your chest falls to the floor. Simply press your hands against the floor to bring you back to your starting position.

Exercise 2 - Squats

Have your feet shoulder width apart and squat until you reach 90 degrees. Make sure you keep your stomach tight and don't arch your back. Perform these in front of a mirror to check your technique. This exercise is great to burn fat around your legs, bum, stomach and upper body!

Exercise 3 -Dips

For this exercise use a chair. This exercise will target the back of your arms, the dreaded bingo wings!! (But not for long if you exercise regularly). Place both your hands on the edge of the chair and have your lower body just in front of it. Simply bend at the elbows and lower your body to the floor. The emphasis will be placed on the back of your arms and it will target this area alone.

Exercise 4 - Lunges

Another super awesome exercise that is going to burn fat around the whole of your body and help you tone up those leg and bum muscles. Stand with your feet together and with long leg step forward. From here, lower from the knee on your front leg and perform a lunge. As you lower stay focused and push back to the top and bring the foot back to the start position. Repeat with the other leg.

Exercise 5 - Plank

Final exercise is the plank which will work lots of muscles in your body but mostly the abdominal ones. Lay face down on the floor. From this position push up onto your toes and onto your elbows keeping your forearms on the floor. Now hold this position for as long as you possibly can. Good times are anything from 30 seconds to 1 minute.


So there you have it. Your 5 exercises that will get you on the right track in achieving a body like Sandra Bullocks. Remember if you want to take it one step further then you can add the classes into your program that Sandra does. Kickboxing and pilates are superb classes that will help build toned and defined muscles. The occasional run and cycle will also target the muscles and have you feeling and looking fitter than ever.

Reference: Daily Mail Online 

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