Saturday Night Showdown At The 50th Mr Olympia....


Saturday 20 September 2014 welcomed the 50th Annual Mr Olympia Competition which was one fantastic show that I am so happy to say I watched. Joe Weider who passed away earlier this year started the Mr Olympia contests 50 years ago and without him there would be no Olympia to this day. Current and past athletes who came onto the stage were beyond grateful of the amazing things Joe had done for them and couldn't thank him enough. With it being the 50th Olympia there was certainly something special about it and with a packed out arena, the atmosphere was amazing.


In total there are eight different categories for both men and women to compete in and win their title. Mr Olympia, Ms Olympia, Fitness Olympia, Figure Olympia, Bikini, 212 Showdown, Women's Physique and Men's Physique make up all eight groups. Each and every competitor looked amazing and had worked really hard in their prep. Each and every one of them had earnt their place on the stage and looked really comfortable with one another.

What I also saw was the camaraderie between all competitors and this speaks a lot about the sport. Each competitor is trying to beat the other one but never did it seem like they would do anything in a malicious way. Sure, Phil and Kai have some 'beef' on stage but honestly, I think this is more of a publicity stunt then anything else. The reason I think this is because the moment Phil was announced the 4 times Mr Olympia, Kai did not hesistate in hugging and shaking his hand. They all train together and most speak to one another often during contest prep and in the off season, they truly are a fantastic community of sports people.


It all kicked off with Arnold, Jim Manion, Jay Cutler, Lee Haney, Ronnie Coleman and others introduced the show to give everyone a warm welcome to prepare for the spectacle ahead. As soon as they left the stage we were then blown away by the 18 bodybuilders that were trying to make the top 10 with their posing routine. The clip below shows Victor Martinez flexing his body to a track Busta Rhymes had made for him, check it out...


The Battle Between Phil and Kai

The battle between Phil and Kai for that number one spot was what everyone was waiting for. Together when they are paired up on stage they looked incredible and really wasn't a lot in it. From behind, Kai looked so much better, but from the front Phil just had the better roundness in the deltoids and overall shape. Phil won and acquired his fourth consecutive Sandow since 2011 and left Kai taking second place which most will say is an injustice to his conditioning.

Dennis Wolf

The big bag Wolf, Dennis was a crowd favourite in the Orleans Arena and had most spectators shouting at his name. The European looked phenomenal on stage and had everyone up on there feet when he was posing to his music.


Top 5 

Phil Heath

Kai Greene

Shawn Roden

Dennis Wolf

Dexter Jackson

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