Sci-MX Diet Pro Meal Product Review

Here we have an ‘easy to digest’ review on the popular Sci-MX Diet Pro Meal!

Sci-MX Diet Pro Meal is a high in protein, low calorie (just under 200 calories per 50g serving) shake, which is designed for those on a weight loss or weight management plan.

We’ll focus on the ingredients, taste & mixability, benefits and who it is suited for…

Let’s go!


Sci-MX have selected premium quality ingredients for this product, all of which are intended to contribute to the consumer’s weight loss goals.

Protein is a vital nutrient for the body, assisting with growth and repair in addition to having other benefits too.

The Sci-MX Diet Pro Meal contains their very own Diet-Pro™ Protein Complex which consists of:

• Calcium Caseinate
• Soya Protein Isolate
• Whey Protein Concentrate
• Peptide Bonded Glutamine (Rich Hydrolysed Wheat Protein)
• Egg Albumin

Together this protein blend provides a great amino acid profile, which releases amino acids at a tapered rate due to having proteins that are varied in how fast they can be digested.

This also means that the shake is fairly filling too due to the protein sources that are thicker (when added to water), so you won’t get hungry shortly after the shake which is very handy when trying to lose weight, Also, additional fibre has been added to further increase the feeling of satiety.

Not bad!

Plus, the benefits of:

• MCT Oil
• CLA & Linoleum Acid
• Green Tea
• Vitamins and Minerals blend

Taste & Mixability


Vanilla, Banana, Strawberry and Chocolate…Sci-MX have got some solid flavour here that all taste great!

There’s no weird flavours that are a bit risky when buying, if you like these flavours normally, you’re going to like these.


These shakes mix really well and I found no bits or lumps present after a good few shakes using a standard shaker bottle.

300ml of water is about right for most people (the recommended amount), although if you prefer it thinner/thicker you can use more or less water no problem too.

Who Is It Suited For?

As you can imagine, this shake is suited to those looking to manage their weight or lose weight.

Great tasting and using premium ingredients, it really is a top quality shake for anybody looking to get a decent weight loss shake that tastes good and leaves you feeling satisfied too, which is what you want when dieting.

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  • Hassan

    Is this protein gonna affect gain six pack..?

    • admin

      Hi Hassan,

      This protein is a good addition to a balanced diet, meaning that if you are consuming more calories than you are burning, then yes you will gain weight.

      However this product can also be used on a diet and under a caloric defecit.

      I hope this helps

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