Scott Riches Part 4 : Scott’s ARM Session - Unleash Those Guns!

Hey guys,

So it's another week. I hope you are all killing your fitness goals and making new ones to keep you all motivated and focused. Setting small goals helps you stay on the right track and keeps you in the zone.

With that said, my training is going very well. I have entered POTW LIVE comp at the bodypower event in May. So if you are going, make sure you say hello. Massive event filled with inspiration at every corner of the NEC.

Back to you guys, this week I want to share my current arms session. Now as a man, it's no joke when I say this is my most fun session. For some reason training the arms or 'guns' as we like to call them is a slightly easier session compared to the rest, and lets be honest, who doesn't like flexing their arm!!

For this session I superset everything. Biceps to Triceps. No rest between. From one exercise straight into the other one. Then rest for a max of 90 seconds.

So here it is:

Remember same rep range, same sets as before (8-12 reps, 3-4sets)

Wide Olympic bar curls

Narrow grip bench press

Seated preacher EZ bar curls

Dumbbell overhead tricep press

Hammer curls
Tricep kickbacks

Twisted curls

Rope extensions

'Surf the rack' (starting from the heaviest weight, I 'surf the rack' and keep repping out sets of 8 reps until my biceps fail whilst dropping the weight each time I hit the 8 rep mark. Give it a go!!

So, there you have it. Remember as well, that I will always increase the resistance once I make a set of at least 8 reps. It's so important to put the stress on the muscles and keep the overload there.

Any questions, on twitter, want more motivation. You can follow me @scottriches (ScottRichesFitness)

All the best as ever guys and tune in next week for my AB routine

Stay Fit

Team Scott

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