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Are you training as hard as you possibly can when you are in the gym, pool or Crossfit Box? It's easy to tell yourself that you are training hard enough but when was the last time you saw good results? Are you just plodding along? Do you feel like you have hit a plateau in your training and need some of my quick tips to help you mix it up a bit? Like always, we have got your back here and here are my top five tips on what I do if I feel like my training is reaching a sticky point, let's go!

Get Motivated

The best way to keep you fired up and wanting to achieve your goal is remembering why it's so important for you to reach it. Your goal is yours and it's for you to achieve it, however you must be willing to do everything you can to reach it. Have something you can refer to which will give you the spark to continue to change what it is you want to happen. It's easy at the start when working on your goal but months down the line are you still going to have the same motivation to get results? It's true that many of you are likely to give up when it gets tough, but making sure you keep your eyes on the prize will help you achieve it and stay motivated along the way.

Have A Good Plan

When it comes to training you can't just walk into the gym and perform any kind of workout, it's important to know exactly what you're doing so you get the best results possible. This then means you need to plan what you are training on which days and exactly what exercises will you perform in each workout. Reps, sets, weight and rest times should all be factored in so you have a good structure which will ensure a great workout.


I always listen to music through headphones when working out for two reasons, one so that I stay focused and two, to prevent people in the gym sparking conversation with me (this isn't because I'm boring it's because I have a job to do whilst in the gym). Music will help you zone in and block out any distractions happening around you, helping you to reach maximal results.

Get A Spot

If you train on your own don't be afraid to ask someone who you don't know for a spot so that you can take your training to the next level. I often train on my own and ask for a spot when needing the extra push for chest or shoulders etc, it's perfectly fine to ask someone and most of the time the person you ask will be willing to help you, just be ready to spot him or her back when they need help :)

Count An Extra Rep

For many of us before we start our set we tell ourselves the amount of reps we want and then tend to stop when we reach them during the set. Point is, could you do more and if so will it help you if you do? Yes, is the honest to this and you should try and get another rep out after meeting the set amount of reps you wanted to hit. What can one extra rep do I hear you ask? Well, pushing past mental barriers and keeping the muscles under tension for longer is going to increase change within your body. Give it a try and after a few sets of doing one extra rep each time, you are bound to notice a difference in how you feel and look :)

About the Author

Job Role Nutritional and Fitness Advisor Qualifications Premier International Diploma in Personal Training, Nutrition and Sports Massage Therapy Scott has always been active growing up being involved in different sport teams and individual sports such as boxing and Jiu Jitsu. It wasn't until Scott dislocated his left knee during a Jiu Jitsu Competition when he developed a new passion which was going to the gym. Scott studied an International Diploma in Personal Training, Nutrition and Sports Massage Therapy which he has used for over 8 years in the Fitness Industry. Scott has been successful in his field in the UK and in other countries of the world. He has helped many people achieve their goals in Fat Loss, Weight gain, Hypertrophy and other areas of Health and Fitness. Scott is very passionate and is a big motivator who is going to provide you with expert advice and looks forward to helping you with your goals. There is more to see of Scott as he will be competing in Fitness Modelling competitions this year and next so keep a look out for him.
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