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Sometimes before training after a long day the one supplement you need is one which will give you the boost to put your gym clothes on and actually get out there to train. I know what it's like for some of you that have active lifestyles and sometimes the thought of getting out there can seem quite overwhelming. Using a pre workout supplement has a lot of benefits and this supplement is becoming increasingly popular amongst all types of athletes and not just body builders.

Pre Workouts

Back in the day pre workout supplements were mostly associated with giving you a mental focus because of the caffeine content, even people to this day who I speak to mostly believe this. Caffeine is present in pretty much all pre workout supplements due to the fact that it helps with mental focus and increases alertness.  However, your pre workout is going to do more than just increase focus and alertness, it will also help you achieve greater results through better energy and strength levels.


Caffeine doesn't just help you get into the zone, it can also work as a broncho dilator which allows more oxygen to get to your lungs. This basically means that your performance and output will be greater when training without it.

Other Ingredients

Nowadays your pre workout supplement is going to be packed with other ingredients which will help you get incredible pumps. The ingredients you want to look out for are ones like beta alanine, L-arginine, creatine, cit malate and so on. There might be other ingredients which increase focus and alertness, but the ones just listed here are the general big players.

Top Three Products

Cellucor C4 Extreme

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre Workout

Gaspari Superpump 3.0


Why these products?

I would recommend these products because they contain a good amount of ingredients which will help you zone in better with your workouts and also increase your performance whilst in your session. This is because the above ingredients will help increase strength, energy and the ability to fight off lactic acid which prevents you getting those final reps. Essentially, these pre workouts are going to allow you better contractions within your muscles which will give you a bigger and better pump. When you are working at a greater intensity you will then see better results because of the greater work rate.

Give these a try today and notice the instant effects and positive results :)

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