Shoulders, Legs & Chest in 24 Hours : Is This Too Much...Thoughts?

This week I trained shoulders, legs and chest within 24 hours, this is what I like to do from time to time, it’s my personal choice. However, I am wondering what people’s take is on training several body parts within a short time period, and whether further emphasis is placed on rest, type of exercise, duration of exercise and of course…diet!?

It’s not unusual to hear of fitness athletes and bodybuilders training around 10 times a week, this is normal for many and would obviously entail a couple of double sessions within the week. My question isn’t so much ‘should we be doing this’ but more so, what is the repercussions on the body with regard to the hormonal system and in particular, hormonal stress when somebody does train this often?

Cortisol is a stress hormone that’s an inevitable consequence of physical exertion, and if allowed to accumulate may increase the risk of oxidative stress and the onset of overtraining syndrome. The reason us Personal Trainers and Sport Scientists bang on about ample rest periods between sessions is because of the need to allow hormonal levels to subside, allowing you to regain homeostasis.

Is there an ideal training split to minimise hormonal stress i.e. don’t hit the larger muscle groups within 72 hours? Should you allow at least 12 hours between exercising anything, and is there even a need to train more than 4-5 times a week? If you do train in excess of 5 times a week, should you keep the duration of your sessions to a minimum, and should you consider the type of training you’re doing (strength, power, tone, endurance etc) as to whether you double your sessions up each day?

Any thoughts are appreciated, thanks guys :)

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