Side Effects of Protein Supplements?

If you’ve bought supplements before, chances are you may have been asked about them by friends or family. People often ask if they’re safe, if what you’re drinking contains steroids and all kinds of things (I’ve heard it all).

What I’ve noticed is that rightly or wrongly when it comes to health for some reason everyone has an opinion on what is and what isn’t healthy even though most people haven’t looked into it.

You don’t see people making claims about mathematical theories, but for some reason health is one of those subjects everyone likes to have a strong opinion on…which leads to a lot of misinformation and the reason we’re publishing this post!

So, do protein supplements have side effects?

Firstly, What Are Protein Supplements?

Before we get into it, let’s define what protein supplements are loosely speaking.

‘Protein supplements’ are products that contain high amounts of protein in supplementary form, such as a protein powder like whey protein or a particular protein bar…it’s worth noting that you can get many different types of powders and bars for those who adhere to any particular diet too.

These products are often concentrated forms of protein, meaning you don’t need much of a certain protein product to get a relatively high amount of protein compared to most foods.

Allergies & Intolerances

For those with allergies to dairy for example, of course certain products made from dairy will have side effects.

However this goes for any product/food which contains something the consumer is allergic/intolerant to…so just because one person gets a reaction from a product doesn’t necessity mean it’s bad for everybody.

Excessive Amounts of Anything Is Not Good!

We need to protein to survive, that’s a fact…right?

But, we don’t need to chug down protein like it’s going out of fashion either!

If we needed huge amounts of protein, then evolutionarily speaking, our species wouldn’t have lasted very long as protein wasn’t exactly easy to come by in high amounts during our distant past.

When it comes to ‘excessive protein’ use, your body really can only utilise so much and excessive protein is used for other things once it’s converted by the body. It’s hard to know the long term effects of ‘super high protein’ diets as so many experts disagree, for me I am just reasonable and aim for around 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight or thereabouts (usually a little less).

A little more protein here and there may indeed help to promote growth and be particularly useful for those who work out as we’re breaking down muscle more than a regular person, which is where supplementation can help.

What Can Protein Supplements Be Useful For?

For those who do workout and may require a higher protein diet, a high quality form of protein that is also convenient in the form of a protein supplement can help.

Protein supplements, because they are concentrated don’t contain high amounts of carbohydrates and fats too…very useful when you’re wanting to increase one particular nutrient like protein and not necessarily others.

There are other benefits of some protein products too, they can be very filling (the thicker ones like PhD Diet Whey for example) - making them a great dieting aid when being full can really help curb cravings…adding in some fibrous vegetables can help with this too.

…and there we have it!

Protein is a nutrient needed by the body and as long as we aren’t silly with it we’re going to be fine.

Protein supplementation can certainly help many people as we’ve spoken about, and if you’re one of those people make sure to check out our range by clicking the below link.


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