How To SMASH 'The Runners Wall' Down Before Its Even Been Fully Built!

Sorry guys this is a quick and punchy fact of the day, but I think you’ll agree a useful one all the same, especially to you runners and endurance athletes out there!

No doubt you’re familiar with those moments when seemingly out of no where you feel drained, sapped of all energy and close to quitting, there isn’t a huge amount of warning either! Some tell tale signs that the dreaded ‘runners wall’ is lurking is a change in breathing pattern, a more forced stride pattern and a momentary feeling of light headedness. The ‘wall’ is subjective, hitting people at different times and effecting them differently…So how do you stave it off!?

Suck it up…literally and metaphorically. The best way to do this is with an energy gel. The small amount of viscous liquid means it is highly concentrated in carbohydrate (carbs) and electrolyte (in the isotonic energy gels) meaning they enter your blood stream in minutes helping you to smash that wall down! In fact, energy gels give you a boost in seconds because our mouths have carb receptors in them meaning the brain is tricked into thinking it has an abundant reserve of carbs straight away.

Smash that wall down before its even been fully built!

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