The Smell Of Food Has An Impact On Bite Size And How Much We Eat

If you are anything like me, you love food. Eating is supposed to be an enjoyable experience, but overeating causes discomfort, fatigue, lack of motivation to exercise and predominantly...guilt! Overeating on a regular basis leads to weight gain which over time can lead to obesity and the development of chronic diseases such as diabetes. If you find yourself lacking in willpower to stop eating or use portion control, perhaps taking a whiff of your food before you eat it will help you take smaller bites and eat less.

Focusing on your food instead of being distracted while you shovel your meal down is the first step to eating sensible portions and healthy foods and using your sense of smell can help you too!

Researchers have found that bite size is dependent on the familiarity, texture and smell of food. We take smaller bites of unfamiliar foods or foods with a strong smell as we link this with decreasing the flavour release. Taking smaller bites during a meal is often linked with the sensation of feeling fuller sooner which helps to prevent overeating.

Combining portion control with strong smelling foods may be the combination needed to stay in the best shape possible and avoid the awful physical and mental side effects of eating more than necessary.


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