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Speaking with people about fitness everyday I notice a lot of patterns.
One of the main causes for people not getting active is because they get bored or they just don’t get very exited at the prospect of working out/getting active!However, when we play a game with friends - football, jumping on a trampoline, going for a bike ride, playing around with a ball in a swimming pool on holiday….whatever, it doesn’t seem like work at all, right? So, we can burn just as many calories as we do on a treadmill but have a lot more fun!

Now, for many people going to the gym and just getting it done may be the best option, most of the time, as you don’t have to organise anything with others etc…but sometimes I think we can get ‘something else’ by exercising with friends and/or family i.e. interpersonal connection. Being connected with others also contributes to our health and wellbeing, something not really talked about too much in the fitness world…so why not actively try including it in our fitness lifestyle?

For me, doing something a bit different is refreshing too. After you’ve been training a while and progress becomes extremely difficult (or maybe going to the gym isn’t such a priority anymore, yet still important), doing fun activities with others can be a great way of keeping active and growing in other ways too.

A few activities that you could try:

Get Your Groove On

Dancing is a great way to get fit, plus it’s fun!
Regardless of whether you can dance or not, giving it a go is a top way to burn some calories and have fun with others. 1 or 2 hours at a dance class can go in a flash, something that you can’t say about running on a treadmill.

Take a Hike…

Seeing the countryside, having a packed lunch on a viewpoint and taking in the scenery…not a bad way to spend a day! Plus, you can see the world and visit different places each time, collecting memories along the way.


One of my favourite activities to do, skiing! Nothing quite beats the view on top of a mountain whilst breathing in the brisk, fresh air. A lot of people avoid skiing as they don’t know how to, but if there’s an experience that is worth trying, and getting good at…skiing is certainly it, or snowboarding if you're feeling daring!

Then there are fitness classes, team sports, bootcamps and many more, hopefully this has sparked some interest in you for now or the future.

The way I see it is that socialising and being fit are great, so why not combine them to get on track for that healthier lifestyle!

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