Use This Spray To Boost Your Energy Fuel Source

Did you know that magnesium has over 300 different functions within the body and is one of the most abundant elements within the human cells. Magnesium comes in different forms and the most accessible and easily absorbed method is through magnesium chloride. So it is important for many different functions and in particular it helps with the energy production process, also known as ATP.

ATP is the fundamental unit in human cells and different cells require ATP to provide energy for our body. During training, protein synthesis, cell reproduction and the transportation of substances across cell barriers. What does this mean? Well magnesium can help speed up your recovery times post exercise and can increase energy during your sessions. A magnesium oil spray is a perfect way to increase absorption rates and replace what you lose through sweating and diet.

If you want to stop aching, pains and workout for longer and harder, increase your magnesium intake today and notice the difference immediately.

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