New SQUAT World Record : Ray Williams Sir, That Was Colossal!


Sometimes humans achieve things we were never designed to achieve, things that defy perceived human potential (note I say ‘perceived’). Who’s to say what we can and can’t achieve as humans, only a few decades ago we were never expected to break the 10 second barrier over 100 metres, or run a sub- 3 minute mile…now look!

Ray Williams has raised the bar (literally) over and over again in powerlifting, he has managed to defy the laws of human physiological and mental capacity with his persistent powerlifting titles and mammoth lifts. With all that this beast of a man is, top of the list is immensely strong!

He definitely doesn’t skip leg day!

‘Don’t skip leg day’ isn’t something we can lay at a 6 feet tall, 361 pound squat champions doorstep, the guy is all about legs legs legs, you only have to look at the size of his trunks to know where his power comes from. It’s apparent that his power is raw too, considering at only his second ever powerlifting meet he went on to smash the American USAPL squat record. Having harnessed his raw strength and power, Williams now has 1000lbs in his sights, especially now that he has just demolished the overall raw squat world record!

World Record…DONE

Having regularly trained legs at 380kg for reps, yes… 380kg for 5 reps, it came as no surprise people that he managed 425.5kg (938lbs) for 1 rep in his World Record lift. This broke Don Reinhold’s record of 934lbs, and with the 1000lbs mark as his goal, I’m sure this will be broken again soon.

Oh, and the TOTAL record for good measure!

Not only did Williams break the world squat record, USA powerlifting also confirmed that he broke the total world record as well by delivering a 1000.5kg (2206lbs). This incredible feat involves a combination of the deadlift, squat and bench press, with the total numbers from each added together.

I for one will be eagerly anticipating his 1000lbs attempt on the squat, but will he pull it off? Well on current form I wouldn't bet against him!

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