Squats Aren't The Only Exercise Which Gives You A Great BUTT!

'Never Skip Leg Day', 'Do You Squat?' and other terms are often thrown around now on social media to encourage more of us to squat and train our leg muscles. It has only been over the last year or so that the media has really picked up on us training our legs and making a fool out of those that don't! Come on let's be honest here if you saw a guy with an incredible upper body and weedy chicken legs supporting it, you would have a little giggle to yourself!! Many of you, just like myself are always trying to find new, invigorating ways of sprucing up your training and for that reason I have compiled some exercises you can use on Leg Day!!

Work Your Butt

Girls especially will relate to this because for many of you, your lower body is an area you like to work on a lot so that it is toned and looks nice. Working your bum muscles in particular doesn't mean you have to do endless squats which could cause you some grief in your lower back. There are some great exercises out there which can save your back and still target your butt muscles which you want to work. Here are some of these fantastic exercises which you can do in your next leg workout, these are going to work you hard!!

Bum Exercises

Single Leg Step - Grab yourself a bench or a boxstep which you are going to setup in front of you. Either holding onto some dumbbells or placing a loaded bar on the back of your shoulders, you are going to step up onto the bench one leg at a time. It's really important the bench is high enough for you so that when you step up onto it, you create a 90 degree angle between your hip and knee. The higher the step the greater your bum muscles have to work, in particular your glute maximus. Perform 20 alternate step up lunges before resting and aim for 3-4 sets on this one. Really drive through your bottom every time you place your foot up onto the bench, this will really encourage your bum muscles to engage and work harder.

Lunge With Twist - Perform walking lunges but as your front foot lands turn it in slightly so that you hit the bum more than your legs. Twist your foot but keep your knee facing forward, it is important not to twist the knee. Again, use dumbbells or go for a bar that rests across the top of your shoulders. Another great exercise which really works your butt!

Smith Machine Kicks - Using the smith machine for this isolated exercise you are going to position yourself on all fours and underneath it. Take one foot so that your heel is on the underside of the bar and get ready to push with that heel. Swap after doing your repetitions and then rest. Check the picture below for how to do this one...

Protein and Refuel

These three exercises over 3-5 sets are going to have you wanting your protein shake and a seat, you will feel it burning!! This is great to mix up when you focus a lot on your legs and you want to tone and shape the bum too. Give it a go and let me know what you think of it, leave a comment below, like and share the post :)

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