Squeeze Your Traps To Save Your Bench Press

How many of you are sacrificing your chest workout because of a shoulder injury? Do you avoid performing a bench press or dumbbell press because there is pain experienced in the shoulder when you do so? Did you know that a common reason why this pain occurs is because certain muscles aren't firing properly whilst you are performing your chest exercises. This then causes them to be weaker and ultimately you could end up damaging them, especially the intricate core muscles which help support the shoulder, the rotator cuff muscles.

So, did you know that if you squeeze your upper trapezius muscles when you unrack the bar and begin pressing your shoulder muscles are now firing in the position they should be in. This helps increase your overall strength within the exercise and it will also help decrease chances of injury. Try depressing your scapula too so that your lats are also slightly engaged into the exercise as this great muscle will help support the chest through a bench press movement.

Final point to note is that like all exercises you can only work with your range of motion for your body type. If you are tight and rarely stretch your muscles it is likely you will be limited in your movements and increase your chances of injury. Try this out and let me know how you get on :)

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