How to Start 2017 Right

With the new year here it can be a great time to sit down and think of what goals you want to achieve in 2017. So take a look at my top tips below and make sure you set yourself up for success 

1. Small changes

It can be overwhelming when starting out on a fitness journey so make sure you break it down. It can be as simple as drinking more water. Small changes add up to big results.

2. Don’t detox

No matter what you hear detox/fad diets do not work. They are not sustainable and can create an unhealthy mind set with certain foods. The reason you drop a lot of weight quickly is because your calories will be restricted so as soon as your resume your normal eating habits you will regain the weight. The best thing to do is to focus on eating lots of nutrients and whole foods.

3. Experiment with your food

Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring- just check out Instagram now and you will see the amazing variety of healthy food that you can make! You are more likely to stick to your new eating plan if there is lots of variety. You can also mix supplements into your diet - such as superfood powders!

4. Get up and move

Whether you start going walking, join a gym or work out at home just get up and move. It can be overwhelming with the amount of workout plans available so the best thing to do is to pick something you are going to enjoy.

5. Don't Stress

Did you spend most of 2016 stressed? The new year can be the perfect opportunity to assess what was making you stressed and take steps to combat this. Why not try yoga or cutting your caffeine intake?

6. Get yourself a diary or a wall planner

This can be a great way to visually track your progress and keep your focus.

7. Treat Yourself

Take advantage of the Christmas sales and treat yourself to new workout gear and accessories. Nothing Is more motivating than rocking a new gym outfit.

8. Enlist a friend

Make goals together and you can both hold yourself accountable.

9. Use tracking apps

Many apps like MyfitnesssPal allow you to easily track your food and workouts which can help keep you motivated and on track.

So remember you have another 365 brand new days to start working towards your goals so make each of them count!

Happy New Year!

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About the Author

Amy is a qualified Personal Trainer who lives and breathes the fitness lifestyle. As an aspiring bikini competitor she is always testing new training and diet techniques, which she hopes to inspire you with. Studying towards completing her ACA academy qualification and looking to compete again in 2017, Amy is a great resource for quality information right here on the Discount Supplements BLOG.
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