Stay Hydrated - Water Vs Fizzy Drinks

Possibly the least favoured choice of drink to have this season is a refreshing glass of cold water. I get it, it is cold outside and the last thing you want to have is a cold drink to make you feel even colder. This time of the year hot drinks or fizzy drinks are preferred and water goes right out of the window! There are so many benefits of drinking water compared to fizzy drinks all the time and as the parties and Christmas gatherings become more frequent, here are some reasons why drinking water is still a MUST!

Say No To Fizzy Drinks

Some of you will say you don't drink fizzy drinks however how many of you have a coke or lemonade with an alcoholic drink?  Why are they so bad and why am I against them so much? Well, there are a number of reasons for this including the large amounts of sugar which is in each drink. The excessive amounts of sugar is bad for your body because if you aren't using it, it will simply store as fat. What about the sugarfree fizzy drinks? Ok, so these won't have sugar in them but they will have chemicals inside the drink which are specifically designed to replace sugar. These chemicals will also get you addicted to the drink and after not having one for a day or two your body will start to crave it. What else do these types of drinks do to your body? Well, they will bloat you and you will have unwanted gas as a result. Ultimately these types of drinks are harmful to your body and you should try and avoid them or limit them daily.

Dehydrated? Slower Performance

Another key reason why these drinks are bad for your body is because they dehydrate you and this means you do not perform as well. When you are dehydrated your cognitive functions are slower, your sporting performance weakens and you will feel more tired. You will have a lack of energy and your concentration will not be as it should. This all happens because the chemicals and ingredients inside a fizzy drink do not offer any nutritional value and only deplete your body of its nutrients. Once you have consumed a few of these without drinking any water it is safe to say you will be dehydrated.

Say Yes To Water

You can pretty much turn each and every negative above into a positive when it comes to drinking water. Water is free and it is the best thing for you. Water will keep you hydrated and will enhance your performance throughout the day if you drink 1-2 litres of it (which sounds a lot but isn't a difficult task). Water is refreshing and will help you lose weight, stay fit and keep your muscles toned. Your body is made up mostly of water and the body needs it for different functions to happen. There are lots of things which happen in your body that you don't see like cell reproduction, liver functions and the different kidney functions. There are also lots of other things that water helps with too. It is zero calories, it is good for your skin and is great for your body.

Hydrated? Increased Performance

Simply put, if you are hydrated you will increase your performance through your exercise routine and your daily life. If you have a demanding job staying hydrated will keep you active and alert throughout the day. Being hydrated during exercise will increase the level of output which you put into it so drinking water and being hydrated is key to achieving your goals.


Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water throughout the day. If you are going to have a fizzy drink try having a glass of water with it to keep hydration levels normal. If you want to achieve your goals, stay healthy, be active and alert throughout the day then drink your water. A small tip is filling up a litre bottle of water and using this as a measure throughout the day to assess how much water you have drunk.

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