Stay In The Rack On Leg Day...


If you are like me and train your legs twice a week then I recommend trying this out on both sessions for 4 weeks to see if you notice the same positive results I have seen. Stay in the rack on leg day means exactly that, having one of your leg sessions in the squat rack and staying there for the duration of your workout. Find out what you will do on your other leg session too...

Stay In The Rack

Ever thought about staying in the squat rack for an entire session before? Nope, me neither but I can honestly say this type of session really gets you pumped and worked. Squats are a very demanding exercise as it works multiple muscles within the body in one single move but if you are looking for the catalyst to overall growth, this is certainly it!

Mental Prep

For the most part, you will likely perform 3-5 sets of squats in a single leg workout but never before will you have done 20+ sets, so brace yourself. It is important for performance that you are mentally prepared with what you are about to do so that you maximise the efficiency of your time spent in the weight room. I suggest you take 5 minutes to mentally prepare yourself before starting this workout, especially if you have had a rough day as this requires complete concentration.

The Workout

Make no mistake when I tell you that this workout is going to test you in both a physical and mental way. Just thinking about performing endless squats in a session is enough to put someone off from doing it, let alone ACTUALLY going through with the pain. Here is what you will be doing...

Warm up with body weight squats

20 reps with 40% of your total max squat

15 reps with 60% of your total max squat 

 5 reps with 80% of your total max squat 

15 reps with 60% and do 5 sets

3-5 reps with 80% and do 5 sets

From here drop set with 80% and hit 3-5 reps. 

60% 10 reps

40% 20 reps


Stay Focused

Stay focused with this session. Only rest for as long as you need, it isn't a race to the finish but you want to stay in the zone. So make sure you are properly focused and doing everything you can to max out on every set. Each working set has to feel like you can't possibly do any more reps in that specific set. Obviously once you rest you will then be able to get back into the squat rack and lift again.

I recommend you eat a good meal before you do this session and also supplement using some bcaa's when working out to increase your performance. If you need it, use a pre workout supplement too or have a black coffee to increase alertness which ultimately gets you into the right frame of mind. Don't forget to use your protein shake after your workout too so that recovery and repair happens the moment you leave the gym :) ENJOY

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