Staying Disciplined Feeds Motivation... Just Like Gains Feed More Gains!


What is discipline?

Discipline: ‘The practice of training yourself to obey rules (or break them as Arnold would say) or a code of behaviour’…

What does discipline mean to you?

So that’s the definition of discipline, but what does it mean to you? Maybe it’s coincidental, but I think it’s extremely interesting how the term discipline uses the terms ‘practice’ and ‘training’ in fulfil its definition. It takes discipline to get your ass out of bed to get in your cold car/ bike/ bus, or even walk or run, and then to walk into the gym with a fixed mind-set that says ‘I’m here to train, I’m here to push myself, and I’m here to leave my comfort zone AND my excuses outside’. However, that’s all very well, but for the vast majority of people in the world, that act of discipline requires something else…motivation! Now many people would argue that discipline is exclusive of motivation, in other words, discipline is training whether you feel motivated or not. Although this may be true, I would argue that a few weeks of indiscriminate discipline will eventually lead to indomitable motivation…because in my experience, a period of discipline inevitably leads on to motivation, and a much more sustained and solid level of discipline.


What is motivation?

Motivation: ‘A reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way’.

Some of the main motivators in life are the ones that yield a feeling of wellbeing, joy or achievement, but these feelings are born from one of two ways…via your comfort zone, or via HARD WORK! The first test of your discipline and motivation is the morning, whether you’re getting up for work or the gym you have a decision to make. Most people get pleasure and joy from staying in their nice warm bed, it’s what makes Sunday mornings all that more rewarding right? However, it is those people out there who have the DISCIPLINE to realise that the MOTIVATION to push themselves and achieve is far more rewarding than the short term pleasure of lying in bed all morning that go on to great things!

Are you motivated by discipline?

For me, I love the feeling I get from being disciplined, I personally find that a lack of discipline is infectious, it leaches into all facets of life including mood, self- confidence, feeling of wellbeing and… motivation. Being disciplined motivated me, I find the more I get my ass out of bed and into the gym, or the more I leave work and power into that gym, the more I am motivated. Add to this the feeling of achievement you get from feeling that muscle pump, and from seeing the swell in your muscle after exercise, and motivation just grows and grows and grows! Just like poor discipline feeds a lack of motivation, the practice of good discipline encourages motivation.

Results : The catalyst to motivation

In order to see gains in the gym you have to do 3 things, train hard, eat and drink properly and rest. These 3 things are musts when pursuing your goals, however, without patience thrown in there too all too many people quit right before they were about to strike oil! Muscle growth and fat loss takes time, so if you can, try to see a muscle pump, an increase in strength or an extra mile ran as MOTIVATION, if you can do this it’ll feed your DISCIPLINE and eventually you’ll see RESULTS!






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