Steroid Use Increasing At An Alarming Rate Says Health & Social Care Charity, CRI

Quite alarmingly, the term ‘steroid’ is bounced around society as if it’s some sort of joke. The frightening thing is this ‘jokey’ attitude is actually towards a drug that can increase the risk of infertility, heart issues, liver damage, mood swings and shrunken testicles..not so funny now right!? Yes kids might laugh at the term ‘shrunken testicles’, it does sound quite funny (a different matter when it happens to you) but that’s half the concern…a large number of steroid users today are just that, KIDS!

Considering we live in a society that will often take the shortcut if it’s offered to them, it is no wonder steroids are popular. There is no doubting that steroids increase your capacity to train harder for longer, whilst increasing your potential to exceed your normal growth threshold. So should you wish to be the size of ex Mr Olympia Jay Cutler, then you need a combination of an incredible work ethic, exceptional genetics, a balanced and structured eating plan that is very high in calories (probably around 10,000kcal per day)… and steroids. It’s as simple (or hard) as that, you don’t reach that size and sustain that amount of muscle mass and training without steroids. CRI explains that the number of people striving for that Olympus like physique is rocketing, and steroids are the go to drug. They have noticed an increase in the number of people attending their needle exchanges from 290 in 2010 to 2,161 in 2013…that’s a rise of 645%!

David Rourke of the Arundal Street Project, a needle exchange in Sheffield says "We're seeing a lot more steroid users, and that is going up all the time". He attributes this to people wanting to look better and better all the time, something known as the Adonis Complex which describes a bodybuilders unquenchable desire to look perfect.

Prof Kelly asserts that steroid users have the same risks… "The risks are just the same. The risk of the spread of blood-borne infections, of HIV, hepatitis B and C." This is something more people need to take more seriously, it isn’t a joke, and the sooner people realise this the better!


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