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If you or your partner remain health conscious over the Christmas period but still want to satisfy the sweet tooth, then check out these nutritious and delicious stocking fillers…

USN Protein Delite

A 96g USN Protein Delite bar delivers a solid 400 calories, about the same as an average serving of chocolate, but it’s the composition of those calories that count! An impressive 120 of those calories come from the hefty 30g of muscle building protein that is packed into each bar, plus the sugar in this is bar is three times less than that of an average Mars bar.

If you want the same amount of protein as you might get from an average chicken breast, all at the same time as enjoying a sweet treat, then this is your bar!

Quest Nutrition Protein Bar

Probably the most popular protein bar in the world right now, Quest bars are always a pleasant surprise for anyone looking to satisfy that sweet tooth all at the same time as feeding their muscle. The flavour range makes Quest bars some of the most tempting treats in fitness, you’ve got choc brownie, peanut butter supreme, cookies and cream, smores, coconut cashew, apple pie, cinnamon roll and peanut butter jelly to list but a few (there are many more)! Again you get an impressive 20g protein from just 190 calories, so this protein bar is better suited to those really wanting to watch the waistline over Christmas.

CNP Professional Pro Flapjacks

OK, so it’s not every day that you can open your Christmas sack and find a protein dense, starchy carb balanced flapjack that is ACTUALLY good for you. Oh, and it’s definitely not often that you can pick those nutritious goodies up for just 0.75p…yup, way less than a Galaxy bar or pre-made flapjack!

CNP Professional Pro Flapjacks can be sliced and used as finger food over Christmas, and I’m telling you they are delicious! These are one of our bestselling protein bars, so make the most of these while you can!!!

EZ Fuel Hydra Tabs

When you sweat you don’t always need to replace carbohydrate, especially not during a fat loss session. During the post-Christmas fat loss plan that many people embark on in January, EZ Fuel Hydra Tabs easy to dissolve, effervescent electrolyte tablets can be dropped into water or juice to form a tasty, fruity electrolyte beverage. If you want to keep your sodium, potassium and magnesium levels topped up without the excess calories then this is ideal.

Grenade Thermo Detonator

Grenade Thermo Detonator doesn't taste of anything, isn't a treat as such, but is a damn good fat burner. PLUS if you take it out of the box and lay it in the bag you’ll scare the living daylights out of them…just for s**** and giggles ;)


Have a good one! From all us here at Discount Supplements

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