STOPTOBER : How Smoking Is Holding You Back

Obvious right? Granted it may not have been so obvious back in 1948 which saw a record number of men smoking in the UK…82% smoked either manufactured cigarettes, roll ups, cigars and pipes. Around 41% of women smoked during this time with their peak being the swinging 60’s at 45% (Ash, 2013). Mercifully this number has reduced by approximately 0.4% per annum in recent times, partly because of the rise in consumer knowledge, the anti-social nature of smoking as well as the growing understanding of how smoking is detrimental to health!

Just 21% of adults were known to smoke between 2007 and 2009 with this figure dropping to 20% in 2010. Today there are around 10 million adult smokers in the UK, but interestingly the number of ex- smokers now exceeds the number of smokers…great to hear and more of the same people! But why exactly is it in YOUR interest to STOP this OCTOBER for your HEALTH, and in the name of STOPTOBER!?

In 2011 63% of you said you would like to stop smoking completely, and here’s why you should…

Premature Death: According to ‘A Tobacco Control Plan For England’ smoking is one of the main public health challenges we face today. It’s the primary cause of preventable morbidity and premature death in the UK, accounting for 81,400 deaths in England alone in 2009.

Health Inequalities: Smoking is responsible for many of the health inequalities in the UK. Death rates from smoking are far greater in the north than the south of England, and far higher in individuals from lower socio economic groups i.e. those with lower incomes.

Think of those around you: Family, friends and your fellow human beings also suffer from your smoke, this is known as passive smoking and the chemicals and carcinogens found in tobacco smoke infiltrates your lungs and blood stream. The risk of cancer increases dramatically and the capacity to deliver oxygen around your body is markedly reduced!

Smoking leading cause of death: Smoking beats drug use, road accidents, general accidents such as falling from a ladder and falls, Type 2 Diabetes, suicide and alcohol abuse in the race to sending you to your grave! Keep on top of these preventable ailments to increase your chances…snap those fags in half and bin them!

Smoking causes illness: The range of illnesses are far broader than just chest and lung morbidity. Around 35% of all deaths came from respiratory disease (lung disease) with 29% of cancer deaths caused by smoking. Around 14% of deaths came from circulatory disease i.e. thickening of the arteries, which was attributed to smoking. On top of this 6% of deaths from gastrointestinal disease were attributed to smoking. Around half of all regular smokers are killed by an illness related to smoking!

Think of your training: Seems a little superficial now maybe, but many of us live for exercise and the emotional and physical pleasure it brings…so imagine not being able to do it? Exercise is key to becoming smoke free, and staying smoke free, and it’s also a major player in reducing the onset of preventable diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, circulatory disease and the likes of. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) includes conditions such as emphysema which is one of the most debilitating diseases around. Emphysema leaves you reaching for breath all day every day, and guess what the main cause of this condition is…SMOKING! Think you can exercise with emphysema…think again!


Reduce your risk of developing chronic conditions such as heart disease and cancers by stocking up on antioxidants, omega oil blends and a high protein/low carb protein bar as a perfect mid-morning snack to help stave off the hunger pangs that have become synonymous to stopping smoking. Remember that these supplements will NEVER counteract the damage smoking is do your utmost to stop guys!

Embrace STOPTOBER for all it’s worth, check out the official site for your free Stoptober pack containing support tools to help you get through the 28 days! Then use the skills you acquired during Stoptober to keep away from cigarettes and all the hassle they bring…for good!



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