Top 5 Prep Tips For A Strong Man Competition

Tom Webb is a junior Strongman and a Discount Supplements Ambassador. Here he writes EXCLUSIVELY for our Blog about his Top 5 Prep Tips for a Strongman Competition.

As with all competitions the key is careful planning and preparation, broken down in to 5 categories. Training, Event Training, Week Out, Competition Day and Recovery.

#1 Training...

In the run up to a competition I personally will be training 5 times a week, with each session averaging around 2.5-3hrs long. Four of the sessions focus on different body parts and then one will be a rehearsal where I will run through the events for upcoming competitions.

As all competitions vary with different weights, I have to work my training around what I have coming up. I can have up to 10 different events to train for, but it will always be based around working from 75% effort from around 6 weeks out up to 90% the week before hand.

#2 Event Training

Event training is my favourite session of the week; it's a chance to see where you are at physically, and how much farther you need to push yourself to be ready for competition day. An event session usually will consist of around three to four exercises. I personally will always try and have a run through with 95% of competition weights two weeks before, just to make sure everything feels comfortable.

#3 Week Out

The week before a competition I will always have two weight sessions one being at 50% and one around 40% of my normal sessions. This is mainly just to keep everything moving and get some blood pumping around the body. After Wednesday of the week of competition I won't do any more training, but I always try and get a sports massage done just to make sure everything is feeling as it should be.

#4 Competition Day

Competition day I down a big breakfast and lots of fluids. Normally when we get to competitions we sign in and warm up for around an hour. Most competitions have five events so in between events I eat a comfortable amount of food, to keep me fueled throughout the day and drink as much as I can to keep well hydrated!

#5 Recovery

I recover from a competition by having five days off training, as my body feels like it's been hit by a bus! It's good to get a massage in if you can, just to get any little niggles rubbed out. Keep fueled up and intake fluids to make sure you rehydrate your body, ready to prep for the next competition.

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