My Summer Time 'Diet'! By Nathan Cruz

Usually this time of the year is when gyms once again start to fill up with everyone wanting to get ready for summer. For dedicated regular users of the gym, this is knowing as 'cutting’. 

Some like to lean up for the summer depending on if they have competitions or photoshoots etc, however for me personally the summer is the time where my diet becomes very different... and a lot more enjoyable!

My typical summer season will see me averaging about 6-8 matches per week as well as being a part of the ring crew (the setting up and dismantling of the wrestling ring). This ups my daily cardio vastly, subsequently meaning I become a lot leaner! If I was to choose to do a cut this would be the right time of year for me.

Unfortunately for me though, I'm a naturally skinny lad. I have a hard time gaining size and in a profession that requires you to be in the 210lb mark on a regular basis the only solution I have is to consume more calories - the summer is a time I will allow myself the pizza after a leg workout and fried chicken whilst on the road.

I know some of you may be questioning this. But this is what works for me and my profession. It's not as though every meal I take in that day is a sin. I still eat a good clean breakfast and at least 4 of my following 5 meals will all be 'clean'.

My advice to anyone in a similar position is to just be smart about how you do this to avoid getting ‘tubby’ - earn those meals!

The first two days that I'm away I eat very clean, the first day I have my 6 prepped meals with me (I'll also carry with me some tuna and microwave rice).

The third day is when I will relax a little...

But I do make sure these added calories are not all coming from 'bad food’. Pizza and fried chicken are by far my favourite calorie dense sinful foods, but I up my calories in other ways rather than resorting to fast/junk food.

I usually throw in an avocado or two with my salads, mix my shakes with full fat milk - just don't go overboard, it's easy to get carried away, very easy!

Just think about your progress when adding in those calories, it’s easy to ruin weeks worth of hard work and remember that these rewards are part of your fitness journey to gain size or keep the size you currently have.

Getting carried away could result in you making dramatic losses to your over all physical appearance, not to mention your health.

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About the Author

Nathan is a WWE Pro Wrestler based in Hull. Obsessed by the sport as a youngster, at the tender age of 10 he became determined to succeed in the industry. He went pro at 19 and hasn’t looked back since. Committing to grueling workouts and diet regimes over the years has resulted in Nathan becoming a great source of knowledge and information on training.

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