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During a Friday night gym sesh last week I noticed that the gym was rather empty…empty on a Friday? Never? Clearly people had better things to do (like supercharging their vodka and coke maybe).

Anyway, mid-way through my session I noticed a guy mixing an orange coloured drink and some powder to his shaker cup. This orange drink was Lucozade no less, to which he was adding some orange flavoured USN BCAA Power Punch, USN’s Leucine packed intra- workout powerhouse!

Interesting right? The chap was in very good shape which was a good indicator that he knew what he was doing, but it still prompted me to think ‘is there any competitive inhibition’ between an isotonic beverage and a BCAA, in other words, would an isotonic drink reduce the effectiveness of a BCAA or vice versa? The answer is no, in fact, the high carb content of the isotonic drink would arguably enhance the uptake of the BCAA. The subsequent insulin rise that would follow an isotonic drink and BCAA would act as a key to the muscle, this could facilitate the uptake of the muscle building amino acid Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine.

Now I am not saying that this WILL work exactly as I surmise above, these are just my thoughts. However, individually an isotonic drink will aid rehydration and energy levels, similarly a BCAA does reduce muscle catabolism (breakdown) and can spare glycogen to a point (improving energy levels), consequently I don’t see any harm in combining these two supplements into one shaker and getting it all down you in one, over the course of your gym session. Heck, it was working for my fellow Friday gym goer!

DISCLAIMER: If you fancy trying this then please be aware this is at your own discretion. I have tried this on a personal level and noticed improvements in both my energy, training intensity and reductions in my delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), hopefully you’ll notice the same.

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