10 Ways To Make Going To The Supermarket Less Of A Chore!

Shopping is a big part of our daily fitness regime. Outlined below is a short, 10 point guide to making sure you pick the best options when you go to the supermarket. This quick guide will also make it a time effective trip and give you more time to workout, eat and STAY HEALTHY (which we like to think of here as being top priorities for all of you). So when you're next in the supermarket try to see it as an enjoyable experience, if you are on a budget then familiarise yourself with the isles, don't be afraid to go for own brand produce (own brand natural youghurt and cottage cheese is a particular choice of my colleague Tom's). If you allocate an hour or so to your gym session, it's well worth affording the same time to your shopping routine too.

Here is Discount Supplements quick guide to shopping in the supermarket.

1. EAT before you set out. Those chocolates or crisps never looked more appealing when your stomach is rolling around inside of you!

2. Have a shopping list and STICK to it. Fail to plan, plan to fail, a structure to your shopping trip will save you time, money and ensure the products you buy are well thought out.

3. AVOID main aisles with special offers on sugary foods. Tempting but don't fall for it guys, these are of course easy and cheap to manufacture, and equally easy to pile on the pounds!

4. Stick to the aisles on the OUTSKIRTS of the supermarket where you will find the healthy options.

5. Avoid OFFERS when you only need 1 of something.

6. Use a BASKET to avoid over spending. Heck, you could even bust out a few bicep curls during the shopping trip (once it's full of course)!

7. PARK away from the main doors to incorporate some CV into the trip. 'Every little helps' (pun intended).

8. Shop with a FRIEND to promote healthy eating. Having an onlooker scan what you put in your basket can make you more conscious of what you actually put in it. Discussions of what you’re buying and why you’re buying it helps to pass the time as well as serving as a learning exercise.

9. SCAN the shelf, don't always go for items at eye level, these are strategically placed because us unsuspecting men grab the first thing we can see, when a step back and look down will get you the same product, only at a fraction of the price.

10. JOB done, don't forget to use your reusable bag ;) Saving the planet has never been so rewarding and healthy! If you live close enough you could even get the extra strong ones, fill them up and get yourself an exceedingly good trap session during your commute home!

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