Supplement Plan for Developing Lean Muscle Mass .... And Lots of It!

The development of lean, fat free muscle mass is one of the most talked about subjects on our social network pages (Facebook, Twitter and Google +). Gaining size and definition, but without the acquisition of fat, is often seen as the Holy Grail by many bodybuilding enthusiasts....but it’s by no means the intangible feat so many perceive it to be!

Diet is about 80% of the battle to achieving lean mass, whilst exercise constitutes approx why not give it 10% extra to make it 110% with a carefully planned, structured supplement regimen? In short, according to The Food Supplements (England) Regulations, (2003) the term ‘Supplement’ means ‘any food the purpose of which is to supplement the normal diet’, meaning a supplement should add to, and never serve to replace your normal diet. Why not give yourself every chance possible to maximise your training, and take a look at the recommended supplement stack below:

Supplement Stack

Whey Protein
Creatine Monohydrate
CoEnzyme Q10
Casein Protein

In order to maximise the supplements efficacy, see the below diet plan for the ideal times to consume them....

Calories: 3700kcal
Protein: 300g
Carbohydrate: 355g

For a 90kg male, the following plan equates to:

> 41kcal per kg bodyweight
> 3g protein per kg bodyweight
> 4g Carbs per kg bodyweight


45g porridge oats with 350ml semi-skimmed milk (320kcal; 16.5g Protein; 42g Carbs)
2x scoops whey protein 200ml semi-skimmed milk + 150g (1/4 large 500g pot) natural low fat yoghurt + 1x Banana and blend (460kcal; 56g Protein; 38g Carbs).


2x boiled eggs (200kcal; 10g Protein)
1x Apple (46kcal; 11g Carbs)
2x Tangerines (50kcal; 10g Carbs)
40g Almonds (220kcal; 8g Protein; 7g Carbs)
200ml Fresh orange juice + 3-5g Creatine Monohydrate (100kcal; 1g Protein; 20g Carbs).


160g boiled chicken breast in 300ml made up chicken stock (146kcal; 32g Protein)
350g (1-1.5 cups) mashed sweet potato (300kcal; 4g Protein; 69g Carbs)
30g grated cheese (120kcal; 7g Protein)
100g Mixed vegetables (40kcal; 2g Protein; 6g Carbs)
50g Dark chocolate (265kcal; 3g Protein; 23g Carbs)



1x scoops whey protein 200ml semi-skimmed milk + 200g natural yoghurt + 50g smooth peanut butter and mix with hand blender (450kcal; 26g Protein; 18g Carbs).

Gym/Training Session

Take 15-20g of pre-workout Nitric Oxide donor such as NO Xplode or Optimum Health Ultimate Pre-workout approx 30mins prior to commencing session (Dosage is brand dependant- never exceed the recommended dosage on the tub/packet).

2x scoops Whey Protein and 200ml water within 30mins after training (240kcal; 50g Protein; 8g Carbs)


1x tin tuna in brine (140kcal; 34g Protein)
80g cooked wholemeal pasta (285kcal; 10g Protein; 59g Carbs)
Iceberg Lettuce (4-5 leafs) (10kcal)
1x slice granary bread made into croutons (100kcal; 4g Protein; 17g Carbs)
30ml Cider Vinegar
200ml glass of whole milk (130kcal; 6g Protein; 9g Carbs)
Black Pepper.


2x rice cakes (60kcal; 1g Protein; 12g Carbs)
150g cottage cheese (100kcal; 16g Protein; 6g Carbs)
Black pepper


Before Bed

30g Casein Protein

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