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OK, so nutritional requirements may vary from person to person depending on your goals, lifestyle and specific sport or fitness targets. Your goals and specific targets dictate both your supplement and nutritional regimen, but there are some bread and butter staples that should never be overlooked if you are training 4-6 times a week, for 60-90mins a day and are striving for the acquisition of lean, striated muscle mass!

The ‘staples’ of the supplement world include:


This can either be whey and casein, egg, pea, soya, hemp or brown rice derived, the source is up to you, but the key is getting enough of the essential, and in particular, the BCAA’s that researchers agree are key to developing lean mass and favourably altering body composition.


Granted, many gym goers can get along fine without ever taking creatine, and those that do take it have 3-4 weeks off it when observing the flush out phase of the creatine cycle! But if muscle bulk and strength is something you’d like to develop, then few supplements surpass creatine.

For more info on what creatine supplement is best for you and how best to take it, check our video on ‘How to maximise your results with creatine’ and see our blog post on ‘Creatine Dosage Guidelines

So you’ve got the basics…

Now for the fine tuning!

Yes, a healthy balanced diet can yield an impressive body and athletic performance as much as supplementing, but achieving this through diet alone is tough, expensive, time consuming, and can be a little uncomfortable too. Hats off to you if you can manage this…

If not, then consider adding these to your protein and creatine regimen:


ZMA is a Testosterone Optimiser and combination vitamin and mineral supplement designed to help protein metabolism (use for energy and growth), boost the release of testosterone, support energy metabolism and increase melatonin for better sleep.

Take this approx 30mins before bed


The BCAA's Leucine, isoleucine and valine account for almost 20% of your total muscle amino acid content, which considering there are approx 20 amino acids used in our body, accounts for quite a large proportion.

Use BCAA’s approx 30-40mins prior to training and/or during the session to limit catabolism (muscle breakdown).

So…you may not be a pro, but at least you can supplement like one!

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