Supplement Spotlight: Dynamine

Have you read our article on Teacrine yet? If so, you may have picked up on the mention of our topic today. Dynamine. Chemical name: Methylliberine, Dynamine is a new and exciting ingredient on the supplement scene which behaves in similar ways in the body to teacrine, and to a lesser extent, caffeine.

Like caffeine, it can be found naturally in teas and coffee beans. It differs in that it has a smaller chemical structure, meaning that it can be absorbed and begin acting quicker than both caffeine and teacrine. This makes for an incredible boost in energy and power, especially when paired with other ingredients in a pre-workout or fat burning formula.


-Increased energy
-Does not raise blood pressure or heart rate
-No crash or jitters
-Increased focus, nootropic properties

Dynamine kicks in pretty quickly, under 30 minutes, and you can expect to reap the benefits for up to 3 hours.

We expect to see Dynamine in cognitive function and energy supplements more and more as research emerges!

Want to try it for yourself? CNP Pro Pane Evo contains 200mg per serving, along with 300mg caffeine, for superpowered workouts.

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