Supplement STACK ATTACK Series : Slim Down SUMMER Stack



As the weather starts to warm up and we start to contemplate getting the shorts and vest out, the flip flops and the hairy chest out, you’ll be forgiven for wanting to look nothing less than your best out. For a supplement stack with a lot of clout, take it from me when I say that this combination is your best shout…

First on the list…

Whey Protein

You probably already know of proteins that contain active fat burning ingredients such as CLA, L- Carnitine and Green tea extract, and you’d be right in thinking that these types of protein are some of the best for fat loss. However, one should not overlook the importance of an out and out protein such as a low calorie, low carb whey protein. These types of protein deliver little more than pure protein, keeping excess carbs and sugar to an absolute minimum and providing your muscles with a biologically available (easy to absorb) source of protein for growth and recovery. One of the main things to look out for when buying a whey protein for fat loss is that it is at least 70% protein otherwise these are usually higher in carbs and excess calories. Look at the grams of protein per 100g to ascertain the % protein e.g. 80g protein per 100g means the protein is an 80% protein. Some of the best examples of a whey protein include Optimum Health Ultimate Whey or Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey, but I would have to say the one to go for (quality, cost and taste considered) would be PhD Nutrition Pharma Whey HT+.


Diet Protein

Like a whey protein, a ‘diet protein’ (or ‘diet whey’) can deliver a good quality source of muscle building and replenishing protein, but the key difference is the additional ‘fat burning’ or ‘metabolism boosting’ ingredients that diet proteins contain. The rationale behind the addition of these fat burning agents is that they work cumulatively with muscle building i.e. when we develop lean mass (muscle), by default the total body composition changes, so assuming we are not piling on body fat due to a massive surplus of calories, then the process of gaining muscle will actually encourage total body fat loss. This is because lean muscle mass is metabolically active, meaning it burns considerably more calories at rest than fat mass or bone mass (for example). Lean mass can therefore increase resting metabolic rate, and drastically increases metabolic rate after exercise, so combine this with the additional fat burning ingredient found in diet proteins…and you’re on your way to a fat burning VICTORY! Arguably the best diet protein on the market for percentage protein, quantity of active fat burning ingredients and PhD Nutrition Diet Whey.

NOTE: Not everybody goes for a diet protein when burning fat and slimming down, some prefer going for a regular whey protein like the suggestions above because they prefer to use an active fat burning supplement alongside a regular whey protein supplement. Their rationale for this may be because the amount of active fat burning ingredients in a diet protein (despite being adequate in their own right) are lower than those found in an out and out fat burning supplement. If you feel as though you would like to tailor your fat loss or slimming supplement stack then consider combining the following with a regular, low carb, low calorie protein such as the above mentioned, with these…


Fat Burners / Metabolisers

These supplements are designed to target fat stores so that the fat can be mobilised (broken down), transported to the muscle etc and used for energy. This chain of events can gradually invoke fat loss provided the supplement is consumed alongside a balanced diet and regular exercise regime. Many ‘fat loss’ supplements contain a combination of metabolism boosters, as well as appetite suppressants to achieve harmony between these two key elements of fat loss. If there is one fat prime example of a fat burner that gets the balance between metabolic boosting and appetite suppression i.e. staving off hunger pangs, then its Grenade Thermo Detonator. Don’t worry if you’re trying to eat plenty to gain muscle weight, the appetite suppression isn’t extreme, it merely serves to take the edge off hunger pangs, should you want to eat as per a diet plan then this won’t ‘put you off’ your food in the slightest.


Multi- vitamin and mineral

Before you skim over this integral supplement to weight loss, give it to the 4th line to get the point. You see, too many people miss out on vitamins and minerals when cutting calories, diets can become over- restrictive. Adequate B vitamins and vitamin C are key to energy metabolism, if you’re short of these key water soluble vitamins then your ability to utilise the mobilised fat and carbs for energy is hindered, plus your training capacity will be impaired. Get a balance of fruit, vegetables, dairy and nuts to keep your vitamins and minerals in check, heck, EAT A BALANCED DIET (I don’t care if it’s a cliché or not, it’s a cliché for a damn good reason). Aim to have approx. 1/3 of your plate vegetables, 1/3 protein such as meat, beans or pulses, and 1/3 starchy carbs such as sweet potato, white potato, brown or long grain white rice. Ensure you have a minimum of 2 pieces of fruit interspersed throughout the day, and you have a good chance of meeting your vitamin and mineral intake. If you train particularly hard, don’t manage to get a suitably balanced diet in your life, and fear you may be short of some vital vitamins and minerals then consider Reflex Nutrition NEXGEN.



So you see, you don’t need to break the bank to get a supplement stack that puts you in a fat burning state, you just need the right balance of the right things. Often it’s more to do with what you remove from your diet than what you put into it that counts. Check out the following products, combine them with a solid, well-structured and consistent training regime, and more importantly be disciplined with your diet…and you’re on to a winner this summer!


1.) PhD Nutrition Pharma Whey HT+

2.) Grenade Thermo Detonator

3.) Reflex Nutrition NEXGEN


3 brands, 3 supplements… Slim down SUMMER stack… DONE!


Toned body

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